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Recessed Air Curtains – Over Door Heaters – Ambient or Heated

recessed air curtains; recessed air curtain heater; recessed mounted air curtain; recessed warm air curtain; ceiling recessed air curtains; recessed electric air curtain;

Recessed air curtains from Flexiheat UK available in ambient air,LPHW water fed or electric powered

We do a full range of recessed air curtains  / recessed over door heaters , that can either be ambient or non heated, or heated versions that can either be electrically powered or fed by hot water via a central heating wet system.These heated versions are commonly know as recessed air curtain heaters. With the heated recessed air curtains being the most popular option in commercial use , for banks, airports ,shopping centres or individual shops ,ensuring the internal temperature of the building and the comfort of the staff and customers, as well as reducing the heat loss through “open-door” trading.

These ceiling mounted air curtains, above ceiling air curtains or in ceiling air curtains if you want to call them that can be mounted together to create longer runs to cover larger doorways, covering all applications.

This type of air curtain often are the preferred product choice for many retail or commercial environments for all sizes and types of entrances, being not only robust and reliable they also offer high efficiency air separation for almost every doorway, which limits energy losses through an open door.

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Recessed Air Curtain Heaters – Maximum Install Height – 5 Metres

What are concealed air curtains and how do they work ?

Each entrance that a building has is subject to the laws of physics, that result in the exchange of air via openings or entrances, such as doors etc. When these doors are opened , there is an natural exchange of air , as when a warm air mass and cold air mass interact with each other, for example when the door is opened, the significant density between the two air masses results in the cold air being drawn in at the bottom and the warm air being pulled out at the top. Air curtains , which sometimes are referred to as air doors, help prevent this natural phenomenon, retaining or keeping the two air groups of cold and warm air separate, even when doors are opened – This results in the elimination of draughts and also saves on energy costs, as well as comfort values.When installed in false ceilings or suspended ceilings or bulkheads above the door way , then often these recessed air curtains are referred to as concealed air curtains or an invisible air curtain.

Ceiling recessed air curtains

So, what are ceiling recessed air curtains? – well put quite simply, they are air curtains which are made specifically for recessed or invisible installation into false ceilings, bulkheads above the door or entrance or a lateral column. They are available in two main types – ambient or non-heated , which just pushes the surrounding air through the air curtain to form the air barrier or seal – or you can have the heated type , which either powered by electric or warm water , heat up the air being pushed through the air curtain to give you a heated air barrier or heated air curtain.We have also had these air curtains being referred to as in ceiling air curtain, above ceiling air curtain,ceiling mounted air curtain or just a plain old ceiling air curtain.As the most popular ceiling tiles in the UK are 600mm x 600mm and 600mm x 1,200mm, all of our units are 600mm wide making them an easy to install in new or existing ceilings without cutting additional holes or messing about.

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In Ceiling Air Curtains – Air Stream and Noise Levels data

Heated or Non Heated Air Curtains ?

Although heated recessed air curtains will emit warm air, the primary function of an air curtain is not to provide general heating of a buildings space or area. The air curtain will however, when in operation and the doors are closed will certainly contribute to heating the surround area of the door way and associated area. They also help to create a safer area around the doorway, as the warm heated air will help melt any sleet or snow or dry any water that has been dragged into the entrance by the throughput of the doorway, via people’s footwear etc.

The heated options include either-

1.Warm / Hot Water fed – Low temperature hot water (lthw) with a maximum water temperature of 95 Degrees C, and a maximum water pressure of 16 Bar (1.6 MPa) .The water fed recessed air curtain heaters are available with either a single or two row heat exchanger should your require more heat output from the air curtain.

2.Electric powered units – these recessed electric air curtains use PTC electrical heating elements. These electric heaters are the latest technology in heating elements or coils as they significantly lower the coil temperature in comparison to older type of electric heating elements such as wires or spirals. The other advantages are –

  • The complete elimination of the risk of system overheating due to self-regulating heating modules (the heat capacity automatically reduces when air flow goes down)
  • Lack of voltage on the surface of the electric heating coil
  • Fully automatic heat control depending on air flow
  • Lower electrical energy consumption
  • Large heat exchange surface i.e. surfaces of contact of the heat exchanger with heated air

Suspended Ceiling Air Curtain

These discreet recessed air curtains, sit neatly into a suspended ceiling, bulkhead or column and benefit from separated air intake and air outlets, which avoids the problem of circulated air. This feature on these high performance in ceiling air curtains or concealed air curtains not only maintains a strong air barrier seal across the doorway or opening, but also increases these efficiency of these air curtains

Air Curtain Recessed – Specification

air curtain recessed; recessed air curtain heater; recessed over door heaters; in ceiling air curtain; recessed mounted air curtain; recessed warm air curtain; ceiling recessed air curtains;

Recessed Air Curtain Heater or Ambient Air Curtain

This range of recessed air curtains are available in three lengths: 1 Metre, 1.5 Metre and 2 Metres and in and three versions: ambient (without heating elements), with a hot water heat exchanger, or with electric heaters.All of our concealed mounted air curtains come as standard with a 3 speed fan and brackets for mounting the curtains into the ceiling or void.The hinged grilles ensure access from the front of the unit ensuring easier installation, connection and maintenance or cleaning of the air curtain.

These units are designed for indoor use where maximum dust content in the air does not exceed 0.3g/m3.

Construction – The air curtains are made from multiple materials such as aluminium, steel and plastic – which is EPP ( expanded polypropylene  – a material which provides a unique range of properties, including outstanding energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, water and chemical resistance, and an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio ) please see here for more information on EPP. These materials used enable a significant reduction in the weight of the air curtains,whilst retaining strength as well lowering the noise level of these units.

As standard they produced in a white colour (RAL 9016) which is an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing finish, although they can also be manufactured in other RAL colours at request. Both the air inlet and air outlets are manufactured from anodized aluminium profiles, which give these recessed air curtains a modern look.

The air outlet blades/ lamellas are adjustable within a +/- 10 ° range. By manually setting the angle of the airflow stream, you can adjust the air barrier / curtain to suit the conditions around the door opening.

Air Curtain Performance

The part number make up for these recessed mounted air curtains is as follows-

The recessed range of air curtains is called the “Elis B” – the next figure in the part number donates the following –

W = Water Fed , normally low temperature hot water , these units  are available in either a one row heat exchanger – this being the standard version , or a two row heat exchanger – designated the 2R, placed after the unit length

N = Neutral or non- heated , commonly referred to as ambient air curtains

E= Electric powered units – please note all of this range require a 3 phase / 400 volt electric supply

The 3 digits refer to the length of the unit

100 =  1 Metre long unit

150 = 1.5 Metre long unit

200 = 2 Metre long unit

Please note that all of our air curtains are 600mm wide, and will fit into the standard 600mm wide ceiling tiles , that are the most popular ceiling tile used on the UK market.

Also, these air curtains can be mounted together to create longer air curtains, and cover all of your doorway requirements

recessed over door heaters; in ceiling air curtain; recessed mounted air curtain; recessed warm air curtain; ceiling recessed air curtains;

Unlike many manufacturers or suppliers that make certain performance claims, our door and gate air curtain tests are carried out based on ISO standards, which defines the aerodynamic properties of the air curtains to ISO 27327-1 standards and laboratory methods for testing the sound power level to ISO 27327-2 standard. We take the requirements of the future ISO 27327-3 standard into account, specifying the testing methods to determine the effectiveness of the air curtains.

Download the Flexiheat Brochure for Recessed Air Curtains – Type Elis B

Control Options for these recessed door air curtains

There are various options to control these recessed air curtains, ranging from the simplest being a door switch, which activates the door curtain, on opening of the door, to fully automatic intelligent regulation system, that has speed regulation of the energy-efficient fans installed in the units.

Door switches – We have two options –

  1. Our “DCE”, which is a magnetic door switch with relay
  2. Our “DCM”, which is a mechanical door switch

These two door switches are shown below –

recessed warm air curtain; ceiling recessed air curtains; recessed air curtain heater; recessed electric air curtain; door switch for air curtain;










Manual and Automatic air curtain controllers 

We have two options for controlling this range of air curtains –

Firstly the “TS regulator” – This is the basic and cheapest air curtain controller, for these in ceiling air curtains and it enables the following;

  • Operation of air curtains dependant on temperature i.e. in thermostatic mode, or constant operation of fans, i.e. in a continuous mode
  • Gradation of fan speed (3 steps of fan speed)
  • Selection of heating mode for winter period or ventilation mode for summer period (heating elements are off)

Up to 5 units can be controlled one TS controller

Secondly the “T-Box” controller – BMS Version – This controller is really a control system , which enables connection of the air curtains to the intelligent building management system (BMS) or a  selection of extensive operating modes, and has a weekly programmer , with 2 operating modes:

  1. Configuration 1 – Air curtain operation when the overriding signal comes from the door sensor as well as from the T-box controller.
  2. Configuration 2 – Air curtain operation when the overriding signal comes from the door sensor, while the T-box controller is responsible for fan speed regulation and heating engagement.

The “T-Box” controller can control up to 31 units

We also can supply 2 port or 3 port control valves for the lthw/ lphw heated recessed air curtains, these are designated the SRQ valves.

above ceiling air curtain; ceiling mounted air curtain; in ceiling air curtains; ceiling air curtain;

Recessed Air Curtain Heaters for Sale

These recessed air curtains are designed to offer an economic and a highly efficient ambient air curtain or heated air curtain solution for commercial and industrial premises. Whether you refer to them as recessed air curtain heaters, in ceiling air curtains, concealed air curtains, ceiling concealed air curtains; ceiling mounted air curtains, above ceiling air curtains, recessed door air curtains,ceiling air curtains or a recessed air curtain heater they are all the same, just different terminologies. Should you require anymore assistance or information, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.