Industrial air curtains or air doors heated or ambient air for distribution centres and warehousing using an energy efficient high airflow fan to protect the indoor air from the exterior environment Flexiheat UKFlexiheat UK

 Industrial Air Curtains

Industrial air curtains or air doors heated or ambient air for distribution centres and warehousing using an energy efficient high airflow fan to protect the indoor air from the exterior environment Flexiheat UK

Industrial air curtains – ambient air or heated versions


Industrial Air Curtains: Factories, warehouses, cold rooms, and retail premises are all subject to the problems caused by frequently opened doors. The open door not only causes discomfort but greatly increases energy loss and, therefore, the running costs of the building. An air curtain, sometimes referred to as an air door, from Flexiheat UK offers an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution to these problems by reducing heat loss by up to 80%, and helping with energy savings with our industrial door air curtains.

Industrial doorway curtains

In winter periods, these industrial air curtains protect against heat loss in areas by producing a suitably directed air stream that protects the entrance from the ingress of cold air into the heated space. In the summer, these air curtains work as  “cooling devices” by preventing the incoming air or entry of warm air from the outside as well as air pollutants entering your industrial building, when using air conditioning.

These industrial units are ideal for use on loading bays, warehouses, hangars, retail outlets, cold stores, buildings,logistic centres or factories, saving forklift drivers time as they don’t have to get out of their cabs to close and open doors , and making moving from one area to another safer and more convenient.

Industrial air curtains work by delivering a powerful invisible barrier of ambient or warm air across the opening whilst providing total visibility and access, keeping the internal air inside and external air outside which reduces heat loss and improves the energy efficiency of a building via a powerful barrier of air.

Unlike plastic slat curtains, which quickly become opaque with use, an air door or industrial door air curtains provides 100% visibility at all times.

A diagram showing the working principle of an air curtain by Flexiheat UK

Working principle of an air curtain in an industrial premises an energy efficient solution to keep external air out and the warm or cold air (when using air conditioning) inside – saving energy and improving efficiency

Environmental separation

It is important to note that air curtains work by producing an air stream, which must cover the entire door width or the entire door height to work properly; otherwise, you will not get the benefits of heat energy savings or energy efficiency from the installation of your industrial air curtain units, and keep the warm air (as heat is lost rapidly through open doors, disrupting the temperature inside) or cold air within your building.

Industrial Air Curtain: Our air door or industrial air curtain uses the air of the room to create a barrier at the opening of the door. The air curtains are constructed with axial fans and have an efficient air diffuser that ensure a strong and powerful air barrier, or air stream to separate the environments.

The range consists of 3 models: a 1.5 metre, a 2 metre and a 2.5 metre long unit or module that can be coupled together to make up your desired width being suitable for long periods of operation with minimal running costs.

Industrial Air Door or Curtain

Product advantages                            

  • Strong and powerful air stream / wind velocities– that helps save energy/energy efficient.

  • Industrial air curtain – An energy efficient and energy savings solution by retaining warm or cold air and keeping the internal temperatures of industrial premises stable.
  • Compact size: The 1.5, 2, or 2.5 metre modules are easy to move and install in series (they must be assembled side by side to create an uninterrupted stream of air), and they are much easier to install than a single or one-piece industrial air curtain due to their lighter weight.

  • Installation is universal: they can be mounted horizontally across the door or vertically at the side of the industrial doorway.

  • The fan motors are equipped with internal thermal protection against overheating.

Customer benefits

  • Industrial air curtains protect your industrial door way against cold air, pollution, dust ,fumes ,smoke, insects or even summer heat

  • Energy efficient solution
  • Easy and simple installation

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting – to suit your specific site conditions and requirements.

Air curtain for industrial use

Elis G air curtain range mounting heights and options – air doors for distribution centres and warehousing – vertical or horizontal mounted Flexiheat UK

8 Mtrs when installed vertical on a one-side installation
14 Mtrs when installed vertical on a two sides installation
8 Mtrs in the case of a horizontal installation with an unlimited lenght


Our  industrial air curtain range are used to protect doors up to 8 metres in height vertically or 14 metres horizontally (when installed on both sides of any industrial openings) and can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your site requirements. The Flexiheat “Elis G” range of industrial use air curtains protects against uncontrolled incoming airflow. They save energy by creating a strong air barrier across the entire width of the entrance of any industrial doorway, such as distribution centres, warehousing or any industrial building and an energy efficient solution to incoming air or heat losses via an invisible barrier of air covering the open doors.

Warm air or ambient air curtain units

Heating or heated units

You have the option of heating the incoming air airflow so that anyone entering the building feels the benefit of warmth from the air curtain. There are two heating options.

Electrically heating

These require a three-phase electric supply to power the electrical heating elements of the units.

Water heating

These units are powered by hot water up to 120 Degrees C , and can be used to supplementing existing heating systems

Non-heated or ambient

The definition of “ambient” with regards to an air curtain is ambient temperatures  – ambient temperature is the air temperature of any environment where the unit is installed and located. The adjective “ambient” means “relating to the immediate surroundings.” Thus, these are not heated air curtains; they just use the air within the building to cause a high pressure air curtain to prevent the interior of the building from the ingress of air from the outside, and thus losses of additional heat and saving energy and reducing energy bills.

We have heard people refer to ambient or fan-only units as unheated, non-heated or even neutral air curtains.

There are additional benefits that than industrial air curtain provides protection against pollution, dust, fumes, undesirable odours and insects.

Industrial air curtain range – technical data

Following is technical data for our industrial air curtain models:

“E” donates electrically powered version – 3 Phase supply is required for the heating element

“N” donates – non heated or ambient air version

“W” donates the water fed heating version – We do the water heated version , with either a single row or a two row heat exchanger designated as the (2R)  – the two row obviously having a larger heat and temperatures output.


Elis G air curtain range technical output data table Flexiheat UK


Download the Industrial air curtains ambient air or heated by water or electric brochure from Flexiheat UK

Download the Flexiheat UK Elis G Industrial air curtain range manual

Cold Room Air Curtain – Industrial

These units are the perfect solution for a cold room air curtain. They provide a powerful air seal across the opening of cold rooms or refrigerated stores to prevent the chilled air from escaping and warm air from entering the cold room or refrigerated area. These cold storage air curtains remove the requirement for fast acting shutter doors or plastic strip curtains, ensuring that forklift drivers and staff are given total visibility, providing the added convenience of unhindered access, and most importantly, improving safety for all parties concerned.

The other benefits of an industrial air curtain when used in a cold room, freezer, or cold stores application are:

An energy-saving solution—can save more than 50% on energy bills than an open door—an increasingly important factor for industrial and commercial users.

A constant climate in the cold stores and a significant reduction in the formation of icing and misting

Faster logistics and easier access – No waiting for a door to be opened or going through plastic slat curtains, which you have to do slowly to ensure good safety standards.

Industrial Air Curtain for overhead doors / roller shutter

With a maximum horizontal installed length of 10 metres, we can cover most up and over doorways and loading bays in industrial premises.

Please note the heated versions can only be used up to 7.5 metres in height mounted horizontally as recommended by the ISO 27327-1 standard, the non-heated versions can be used to 8 metres in height mounted horizontally.Air curtain industrial for a roller shutter doorway for a factory or warehouse applications

Vertical mounted air curtains for industrial applications

As sometimes there is no installation room above the overhead industrial door, these industrial door air curtains can be installed in a vertical orientation. When installed vertically on one side of the doorway, the maximum width of the doorway should be 8 metres.

Vertically installed industrial air curtains installation picture in a warehouse for a factory

Vertically installed installation picture in a warehouse for a factory – Vertically installed  industrial door air curtains – from Flexiheat UK 

When put up vertically on both sides of the door, we can cover a maximum width of 14 meters.

We can cover doors up to 8 metres high mounting height in a vertical air curtain configuration.

Industrial Door Air Curtains for Sale UK & Ireland

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