floor mounted commercial gas condensing boilers

Floor Standing Commercial Gas Condensing Boilers –  200 kW- 550 kW in Singular Boilers – up to 8,800 kW in Cascade Boiler systems

Floor Standing Commercial Gas Condensing Boilers – Specifications

Our Floor Standing Commercial Gas Condensing Boilers benefit from –

  • High efficiency boilers up to 107.1% NCV  – meaning higher than average energy savings
  • Ultra low Class 5 NOx emission levels  – These low pollutant emissions meeting all current environmental legislation
  • These commercial floor standing boilers have been designed for maximum versatility and energy efficiency
  • Homogeneous heat distribution with Premix condensing technology and micro-flame metal fibre coated steel burner
  • Aluminium silicate alloy cast casing exchanger that provides high operating efficiency with high heat transfer
  • A wide option of capacity up to 200 kW- 550 kW in individual boilers and up to 8800 kW in a Boiler Cascade system
  • Provides energy saving through 5:1 modulating operation
  • Allows cascade connection up to total 16 boilers, including 1 master and 15 slave boilers
  • Allows simple control with illuminated LCD panel which provides ease of use; and error codes and boiler information can be displayed on this panel
  • Daily and weekly operation schedule can be programmed
  • Seasonal heat program can be prepared during summer and winter times
  • Option of use with natural gas and LPG,
  • Provides an advantage in boiler room planning and conversions with its compact structure in terms of area of required, due to their small foot print
  • Lightweight construction and supplied fully assembled on wheels
  • With a maximum width of 720mm , these floor standing commercial gas boilers are extremely compact and are able to fit through a standard doorway
  • Compliant with Eco design directive – ErP approved



Floor Standing Commercial & Industrial Gas Condensing Boilers  – The FTC-X Range

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Floor Standing Industrial & Commercial Gas Condensing Boilers Diagram

floor standing commercial gas condensing boiler diagram


How Do a Floor Standing Commercial Gas Condensing Boilers Work ?

In the exhaust gases from a gas fired commercial boiler, water vapour is always present due to the hydrogen bound in the fuel. This water vapour begins to condense at a certain temperature (similar to the humidity that precipitates on a cold windowpane). This condensing temperature is approximately 55 ° C for gas fired boilers. Condensation releases the “heat or energy” of condensation that can be used to heat any commercial or industrial building. The proportion of heat of condensation in the total fuel energy is about 11% for gas.

In conventional gas fired commercial boilers, the flue gases must not condense during normal operation. Therefore, the exhaust gases leave a low temperature boiler non condensing commercial gas boiler at 150 ° -200 ° C. For condensing boilers, on the other hand, the heat exchanger is designed to be suitable for condensation operation. Thus, the heat gains by condensation and by the further cooling of the exhaust gases (to about 5-20 ° C above the return temperature) can be used, and thus save on energy / fuel consumption.

For good utilization of the condensing effect, a low heating circuit temperature makes sense. This should be strictly controlled depending on the heating load (e.g. weather-compensated operation). Furthermore,two-pipe heating circuits are useful because a small return temperature is ensured by the separate flow and return system. The maximum heating circuit temperatures should not exceed 75 ° / 55 ° C for a gas boiler , to ensure condensation takes place  (maximum flow / return temperature for the largest heat load). Lower heating circuit temperatures further improve the condensate yield, but in most cases only a small amount if the system is set up correctly.By using energy efficient heat generators such as floor standing commercial gas condensing boilers, the primary energy requirements of a building can be significantly reduced


This mixing system ensures that the correct gas/air ratio is delivered to the pre-mix burner at all times. Depending on demand (under the dictates of flow/return sensor and other
external/internal control inputs) the system determines the required boiler output. The control then varies the speed of the air supply fan which alters the volume of air being drawn into the
Venturi. This change in volume is measured using air pressure differential which directly controls the volume of gas also being delivered to the Venturi. The resultant controlled mixture is
delivered to the pre-mix burner.

The products of combustion, in the form of hot flue gases, are forced through the heat exchanger transferring their heat to the system water (the flue gas temperature is reduced to approximately 5-20°C above the temperature of the system return water) then discharged via the condensate collector, to the flue gas outlet connection ,and then into the atmosphere.

A vapour ( A substance diffused or suspended in the air ) cloud will form at the flue gas terminal due to the low flue gas exit temperature. When the flue gas temperature falls below dew point (55°C), water vapour created during the combustion process will begin to condense out in the boiler, transferring its latent heat into the system water,thus increasing the output of the boiler without increasing the gas consumption of this commercial condensing boiler .The condensation formed within the boiler and the flue system is discharged from the boiler to an external drain via condensate pipework

Below you can see a typical commercial floor standing commercial boiler schematic, in this system , solar heating is also used to help to heat the domestic hot water tank

Floor Standing Gas Condensing Boilers Installation Schematic, Floor Standing commercial boilers


Download Floor Standing Commercial Gas Condensing Boilers Manual

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