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Electric Air Curtains – Over Door Heaters

warm air curtains electric; electric air curtain; electric over door heater;

A full range of electric air curtains / warm air curtains electric from Flexiheat UK suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial applications. All models can be mounted horizontal or vertical to suit your requirements.

Electric Air Curtains – We do three ranges of electric air curtain heaters or sometimes referred to as electric over door heaters , a light commercial range, a commercial range and an industrial range.All of these over door heaters are suitable for taking and heating the air from the inside of the premises via electricity. They can be used without electric air heating as ambient air curtains.By combining your door or opening with an electric warm air curtain you further reduce the energy loss and significantly increase the comfort of your building. Our warm air curtains provide extra protection for your door opening and keep the heat and cold outside or internally as per your site requirements and all this in an economical and aesthetic way.

These electric air curtains are modern solution that allows effective protection against heat, cold, dust and insects from the outside air. In winter, these electric air curtains prevent the warm air from escaping from inside the building / room, while in the summer they prevent warm or hot air coming from outside entering the building, thus allowing the room to maintain comfortable temperature conditions. These electric air curtains provide fresh air and positively influence the temperature conditions inside the building or room where they are installed.

These over door air curtains are used to protect against uncontrolled external air inflow through the doors or building openings in such facilities as: shopping malls and supermarkets, restaurants, bars, public service buildings, offices, hotels, banks, hospitals, pharmacies, warehouses etc.

Over Door Heaters Air Curtains – Electric

Over door electric air curtains are easy to install and can be used for many applications. There are models for door heights from 2 metres to 6 metres for horizontal installation i.e. over door heaters, exposed or recessed, and also vertical units in standard configuration.Our range of electric air curtains are available in powers from 3 kW up to 30 kW. The selection of the appropriate electric air curtain type is very important to have the optimal air separation effect and to ensure that the heaters work in the most efficient and effective way.

Electric Over Door Heaters

What are the benefits of an electric warm air curtain heater compared to other heating solutions?

Compared to wall mounted radiators (radiators on a wet heating system, radiant panels, electric convectors etc): a wall mounted radiator does not allow you to isolate two rooms by separating them by a flow of air, unlike the curtain of hot air which creates a protection thermal screen as such. Compared to fuels other than electricity (for example, gas fired radiators / heaters, or a wet heating system): these warm air over door curtains are an electric heating solution: because of their electrical power supply, they are adaptable to all locations, especially those that are not the mains natural gas supply.

Electric Heated Air Curtains 

How does the “insulation effect” of an electrically heated air curtain work?

Imagine a store door opening constantly subjected to a cold air flow coming from outside. The recurring opening of the automatic doors every ten seconds leads to cold air for the people who enter and generates considerable thermal losses from the building. The hot or warm air curtain is an “insulation solution”, thanks to a flow of continuous pulsed warm air directed downwards, creating a thermal barrier against the outside temperature. The “insulation efficiency or effect” is therefore extremely helpful in reducing the thermal losses of the building ensuring both comfort and energy saving benefits to both the consumer and the building owner.

Electric Air Curtain Heater / Electric Over Door Heaters – Commercial  Range 

We start with range with the smaller electric over door air curtains -which are intended to be wall mounted or suspended from a ceiling , and available in different lengths being : 1 metre, 1.5 metre and 2 metre’s as well as in different voltages , these being single phase – 240 Volt or Three Phase – 400 Volt.The minimum mounting height for these electric over door heaters is 2.3 Metres and the maximum mounting height is 3 Metres, which makes these a great solution for your commercial heating applications such as reception areas,entrance halls, shops,restaurants,service stations, theatres and car showrooms,where the customers want to heated with a warm air curtain as they enter these types or premises

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These electric air curtain heaters are –

  • Energy-efficient
  • Solid – having a durable metal housing which is powder coated
  • Quick and easy to assemble and install
  • Flexible (three power stages of the heater, adjustable air stream angle and adjustable fan speed)
  • Equipped with a mounting panel and remote control for convenient control
  • Have overheating protection

Electric Over Door Heaters Characteristics –

  • Available in three dimensions: 100, 150, and 200 cm’s for single phase supplied units
  • For three phase power supplied units , the available model lengths are : 100 , 150 and 200 cm’s
  • It is possible to work in continuous mode or using a door sensor / switch
  • Remote control, mounting panel and door sensor included ( for Single Phase / 240 Volt Supply models) – Now standard on the Three Phase / 400 Volt models too.
  • Two stage fan speed control for 1 phase units
  • Three stage fan control for 3 phase units  ( an optional extra using a 3-stage speed regulator with thermostat)

Commercial electric air curtain heaters with remote control – 240 Volt – 1 Phase – Electric 

These 240-Volt, single phase supplied electric over door heaters or air curtains are manufactured with a durable metal casing, which is powder coated. The benefit from an efficient three step electric heating element, that gives you control of the desired heat output, and a two- speed fan, that allows you to vary the air flow of the air curtain to suit the site requirements. They reduce the penetration of insects, outside dust, and unconditioned air into a conditioned space by forcing an air stream over the entire entrance to create a comfortable environment for you. They are most commonly installed at the entrances of supermarkets, theatres, meeting rooms, hotels, offices, storage areas etc. If the doorway or entrance is wider than the unit size, then you can install two or more units in parallel, to cover the complete doorway or entrance. When used in a parallel configuration to encompass large entrances, the units must have a 10-40 mm gap between the units. Please also note that these electric over door heaters / air curtains must have a 50 mm air gap between the top of the heater and the ceiling.

In the winter period they prevent uncontrolled heat loss, with the benefit of an electrically heated air curtain and in summer period they can be used in a non-heated mode, just producing an ambient air curtain whereby they prevent heat from the room. All of the single phase range of the electric commercial air curtains, come with a remote controller , which allows the user to operate the unit to their desired requirements or these electric commercial air curtain heaters can be also controlled by a door switch , which will automatically turn the unit on and off as the door is opened or closed. Both the remote controller and door switch are supplied as standard with the single phase 240 Volt units,and carry the same 24-month warranty/ guarantee as the door curtain.

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240 Volt – 1 Phase Units come complete with remote control, mounting panel and door switch included as standard



Technical details of this range of over door heater with remote control / remote controlled air curtain heater

Over door heater with remote control; electric over door heater with remote control; 240 Volt over door heater with remote control;

Electric Over Door Air Curtain Heater – 240 Volt / 1 Phase Version – from 2kW to 14kW Output Range

Download the Flexiheat Brochure – Aeris Electric Air Curtain Single Phase 240 volt

For full information on installation, operating and maintenance on this range of single-phase electric air curtains, please download the following manual –

Flexiheat technical manual for electric air curtains -1 Phase

Electric over door heaters – 3 Phase / 400 Volts

These three phase powered units, don’t really differ from our single-phase units except the dimensional a little shorter in length, and aesthetically look different. Again, these electric heated air curtains can be used in parallel to cover large doorways (with a 10mm to 40mm gap between units). These are normally controlled by a door switch or sensor , and also have the ability to use automatic controls dedicated to this range, which can either be a 3-stage speed regulator with thermostat: It has a 3-stage speed control of the fan motor and a built-in thermostat that switches the door curtain heater off automatically when the pre-set temperature is reached.They are now available in 1 Metre , 1.5 Metre or 2 Metre long sizes, and have a 2.5 to 8 kW heat output for the 1000 mm long unit, a 4 to 12 kW heat output for the 1500 mm long unit, and a 5 to 16 kW heat output for the 2000 mm long unit. The rated heater Ampere varies depending on these electric over door heaters,on which of the 3 stages of heating power you select , as you can see from the technical data table below.These electric over door heaters come as standard with a mounting panel, a door switch and a remote controller included in the price.

Alternatively, you can use our programmable controller, this controller is used to regulate devices equipped with 3-stage fans. It controls them according to set program i.e. the required air temperature. There is also the ability to connect the external air temperature sensor to the unit. It has MODBUS communication too.

These 3 Phase Electric Air Curtains can be operated in three different modes- continuous mode, thermostatic mode or a door switch mode.These three phase powered units also come with the same 24-month warranty/ guarantee.

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Technical details of this range of electric heated air curtains / commercial electric air curtain

electric air curtain heater:electric heated air curtains:electric heat air curtain:,commercial electric air curtain


Download the Flexiheat Brochure for 3 Phase Electric Door Curtains

For full information on installation, operating and maintenance on this range of three-phase electric air curtains, please download the following manual –

Flexiheat technical manual for electric heated air curtains – 3 Phase

We also do a range of commercial three phase only electric air curtains that can be mounted up to 4 metres in height. This range is designated the Elis T “E” range. These air curtains benefit from a modern design, a low noise level and reduced weight, and are available in 3 sizes ;1 metre – designated the “100E”, 1.5 metre- designated the “150E”  and 2 metre’s long heater – designated the “200E”, and have a heating power range of  7.5 kW  to 15.5 kW depending on the electric air curtain in question.

These electric air curtains or over door heaters are still aesthetically pleasing, like the previous range, but have a higher performance with regards to the airflow range they can produce. The fill the gap between our remote controller range that can be mounted up to 3 metres and our large industrial range, which is detailed below on this webpage. This range can be used on commercial doors or openings that are up to 4 metres in height, or can also be used in a vertical mounting postion as well, and when installed on both sides of the door, they can cover a width of up to 6 metres. This range of electrically powered air curtains are only available in three phase , 400 Volt electric supplied versions.

electric air curtain heater;air curtain commercial; electric heated air curtains; electric heat air curtain

Electric heated air curtain heaters – mounting options – Horizontal or Vertical Installation – Please not the minimum distance required above the horizontal mounted air curtain installation of 200mm to operate correctly.

They also do not come with a remote-control unit, as this range is controlled either by a magnetic door switch and or a controller, which allows a maximum of 2 of these electric air curtains to be controlled via one controller.These electric over door heaters carry a 2 year warranty, and are a fully CE approved product.

Elis T Electric Air Curtain – Model & NumberELiS T-EELiS T-EELiS T-E
Air Curtain length in centimetres100150200
Power supply [V/Hz]3 x 400
/ 50
3 x 400
/ 50
3 x 400
/ 50
Maximum power Output [kW]7.511.515.5
Maximum current consumption [A]1116.622.4
IP Rating21/F21/F21/F
Curtain air flow stream [m3/h]2,3003,9005,100
Acoustic pressure level – dB(A) – (1)606162
Acoustic power level [dB(A) – (2)757677
Curtain’s air temperature rise (ΔT)[°C]- (3)111213
Unit weight [kg]243237
Range [Mtrs] – (4)444

(1) Average acoustic pressure level in the room of average sound absorption, volume of 1,500 m3, at a distance of 5 m from the electric air curtain

(2) Acoustic power according to ISO 27327-2

(3)Based on an entering air inlet temperature to the unit of 10°C

(4) According to ISO 27327-1


Product Advantages –
• Modern design
• High performance parameters, air output 4800 m³/h, air throw up to 4 metres
• PTC electric heater technology
• Low noise level, reduced weight
• 3 sizes: 1 meter, 1.5 meter and 2 meters long


electric air curtains;electric over door heaters;warm air curtains electric;over the door electric heaters;

Electric air curtains or electric over door heaters with “PTC” electric heating elements from Flexiheat UK

Our Flexiheat “E” series of commercial electric over door heaters are based on a new type of “PTC” electric heating coils or elements, ensuring a modern and safe solution using this updated technology. The additional advantages of “PTC” electric heaters in an electric air curtains are –

1.Lack of voltage on the surface of the electric heating coil

2.Significantly lower coil temperature in comparison to old type of electric heaters (e.g. heating wires, spirals)

3.Large heat exchange surface (surface of contact of the heat exchanger with heated air)

4.Fully automatic heat control depending on air flow

5.Complete elimination of the risk of system overheating due to self-regulating heating modules (heat capacity automatically reduces when air flow goes down)

6.Low electrical energy consumption

Temperature Output Data for these Electrical Powered Air Curtain Heaters are as follows –

ModelUnit Length (m)Heat Output (kW)Max Air Flow (m3/hr)Temperature increase (∆T) [ºC]Unit weight (kg)Electrical Element Consump ( Amps)Noise Level (db(A))Max install height (m)Protection class (IP)
ELIS T-E-100 Electric Air Curtain17.502,0001124400/50 – 11A604*IP21/F
ELIS T-E-150 Electric Air Curtain1.511.53,6001231.5400/50 – 16.6A614*IP21/F
ELIS T-E-200 Electric Air Curtain215.54,8001337400/50 – 22.4A624*IP21/F

* according to ISO 27327-1

Download the Commercial Electric Air Curtains “Elis T” range brochure from Flexiheat UK

Electric Air Curtains / Electric Over Door Heaters – Industrial 

We do a full range of industrial electric air curtains suitable for all types of industrial doors, typically, they are used on the up and over type roller shutter doors (as shown in the picture below).  We can supply these industrial electric air curtains, so that they can be mounted either Horizontally mounted across the top of the industrial door, with the air being blown downwards ( again as pictured below) , or vertically mounted, blowing the air horizontally across the industrial door. These electric industrial air curtains can blow a maximum of 7.5 Metres, be it Vertically or Horizontally, thus most site requirements can be satisfied with this range of industrial electric air curtains.These industrial units are the best solution for loading bays, warehouses, hangars or factories, that need an electric warm air curtain.

electric over door heaters, electric air curtain for industrial doors

We do two ranges within this product group –

  1. There are two models or modules of these electric heated air curtains, the first is a 1.5 Metre long unit and the other is a 2 Metre long unit. They are basically modules that can be coupled together to make up your desired width or height for your industrial or commercial overhead roller shutter type door.These Industrial air curtains can be situated to the side or above ( sometimes referred electric over door heaters when used in this configuration )  industrial doorways and create a powerful electrically heated air barrier across the open door way whilst providing total visibility and access.These air curtains in this configuration of “modules” tend to be easier to install, as they are lighter in weight and easier to manoeuvre into place than a dedicated single piece air curtain e.g. say a 4 meter long unit.
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Electric Air Curtains – Industrial from Flexiheat UK


Technical Data for the Industrial Electrical Air Curtains – Horizontal or Vertically Mounted


Industrial Electric Air CurtainsAir Curtain with Electric HeaterAir Curtain with Electric Heater
Maximum Airflow Range(m)7.57.5
Heat Output(kW)1421
Maximum Air Output(m3/h)6,7009,100
Fan Input/Consumption(V/Hz & A)230/50 -2.4 Amps230/50-3.6 Amps
Fan Motor Power(kW)0.50.75
Electrical Element Consumption(V/Hz & A)400/50 – 17 Amps400/50 -29 Amps
Noise leveldB (A)5961
Protection classIPIP 54IP 54

Our industrial Electric air curtains are equipped with modern and safe solution based on PTC electric elements.The main advantages of PTC electric elements are –

  1. No current on coil surface
  2. Lower temperature on coil surface in comparison to older type of electric elements,make these a long life solution
  3. Large area of the PTC heating coil, enhanced energy exchange between the coil and air.
  4. Fully automated regulation of heat capacity depending on air flow
  5. No risk of system overheat, thanks to “self cooling” option (coil automatically decreases its temperature and heat capacity when the air flow is reduced)
  6. Very low energy consumption

Download the Electric industrial air curtains or electric over door heaters from Flexiheat UK Brochure

Installed Industrial Air Curtain – Electrically Heated – pictures of a site in the UK – These industrial electric air curtains are installed vertically , blowing the warm air across the industrial door way.

vertical electric air curtain; industrial air curtain; commercial air curtain heaters; Vertical Door Air Curtains;

Another site picture – this time with these electric over door heaters installed in a horizontal position, blowing the warm air curtain down vertically

electric over door heaters; commercial over door heaters; air curtain with heater;horizontal warm air curtain

Electric over door heaters – Industrial and Commercial from Flexiheat UK

As you can see the versatility of these industrial electrically heated air curtains is great, enabling you to cover almost all requirements

Accessories for Electric Industrial Air Curtains –

A full range of accessories is available for these air curtains, they include

  1. A door switch that increases the efficiency of the heating system by activating the industrial air curtain heater only when the door opens.
  2. The Control Box is the connection box that offers wiring points for all the essential controls for our electric industrial air curtain range. The control box is essential when a highly efficient and energy saving heating system is required. They also offer additional current protection to the air curtains as well as offering the users the ability to install many more compatible controls such as; a door switch which increase the heaters efficiency by only operating the air curtain when the industrial door is open, and a speed controller to regulate the fan speed of these industrial air curtains. You can also install a thermostat into the control box, to regulate the temperature.
  3. Speed Controller – This piece of equipment offers users the opportunity to select 4 fan speeds that will control each control box, and thus these electric industrial air curtains. This allows users the necessary function to control the temperature of these heated air curtains to suit the environment.

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Electric Air Curtains for Sale UK and Ireland – Best Range & Most Cost Effective on the Market

We think that we have the best range of Electric Air Curtains in the UK for both commercial and industrial applications.Should you require any further assistance with our Electric Heated Air Curtains  /  Electric Over Door Heaters /Air Curtain Heater / Over Door Heater With Remote Control/ Over the door electric heaters, please click here to contact us via email or call us direct on 01202 822221