LPG Combi Boilers for Caravans

LPG Combi Boilers for Caravans

LPG combination boilers for static caravans from Flexiheat UK

Best LPG combi boiler for a static caravan from Flexiheat UK

Propane or LPG combi boilers when installed in static caravans, are considered to be the “ideal boilers” for satisfying the central heating system (radiators or underfloor heating) and the domestic water heating. That’s why LPG combination boilers are the most common lpg boilers for caravans as a traditional gas supply of natural gas is often not available on static caravan sites.

They offer a more powerful and more efficient heating system for their size and will run at a lower cost to the static caravan owner or user.

They are in essence a lpg heating system boiler and static caravan water heater in one combined unit – so there’s no need for lpg heating boiler and a lpg water heater as two separate appliances these days – a compact liquid petroleum gas combi boiler

LPG (liquid petroleum gas) is a popular alternative to the mains traditional gas supply or oil-based heating systems as it’s safe and efficient and it’s easy to get connected today via either an external fuel storage tank or liquid petroleum gas cylinders. LPG is an effective way for caravan owners to heat and provide hot water for their static caravan, as it’s clean, safe and smokeless.

liquid petroleum gas or LPG as we know it in the UK, is the most commonly used fuel for static caravan boilers for the UK and Ireland, as lots of caravan parks or sites are off the mains gas grid.

LPG boilers are a great alternative to electric heating systems. LPG combination boilers very cheap to run, have maximum efficiency and are easy to install. One type in particular, called a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or propane combi boiler, is very popular with caravan owners because its low cost of running, maintenance and maximum efficiency. Most LPG combination boilers are very compact, and can be installed in any static caravan. They can also be installed in a holiday home, chalets, holiday flats and apartments, so you do not have to live in a caravan to use a lpg combination boiler.

Best LPG Combi Boiler ?

When looking for a new lpg boiler or lpg combi boiler for a static caravan, there are a two main parts to a lpg combi boiler that we need to look at – the central heating side of the boiler for the static caravan and the lpg water heater side of the unit, as well as high efficiency, to ensure your gas bills are as low as possible for your static caravan.

You’re also looking for a compact lpg combi boiler, as static caravans aren’t always necessarily the roomiest of places, an lpg combination boiler that is small, yet powerful enough to do the water heater demands as well as the central heating system is a benefit.

Dimensions of our compact 24kW LPG combi boiler for caravans, the R2C 24kW from Flexiheat UK

Dimensions of our compact 24kW LPG combi boiler for caravans, the R2C 24kW from Flexiheat UK



The primary lpg combination boiler for static caravans is a condensing boiler, as these use the liquid petroleum gas to the maximum efficiency, both for the heating and water heater side of the boiler resulting in an efficient heating system for your caravan.

Our most popular static caravan boiler is the 24kW model – which will supply heat up to 23.5 kW of heat output / power and will supply your caravan with domestic hot water at a flow rate of 11.5 litres / min at a temperature rise of 30 Degrees C – this is enough to run a bath in the winter period.


We always quote water flow rates at a temperature rise of 30 Degrees – these are winter time performance figures – because we want you to have a hot bath or shower (an average shower uses 7 or 8 litres / minute) when you need it the most.

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Heat exchanger of our caravan combination boiler from Flexiheat UK



The 12mm diameter internal stainless steel pipe where domestic hot water is produced, is inside the patented main heat exchanger (28mm diameter). Its total length is 8 meters and this ensures a large capacity for hot water production. The hot water flow is always available and always in condensing operation, resulting in lower energy costs and bills.

This class leading technology, with the large diameter, also reduces the chance of scale, something that older technology boiler that use a plate heat exchanger can suffer from. This is incredibly important in hard water areas- as our units don’t suffer from this unlike some other leading boiler manufacturers.

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LPG static caravan combi boiler technical detail

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R2C 24kW Compact lpg combi boiler – Technical data from Flexiheat UK


Download the manual here

R2C 24kW Propane or Natural Gas Combination Boiler for static caravans – Manual

External mounted propane combination option

We also supply an external combi boiler that is weatherproof, this external lpg combi boiler designated the R2K 24 – is a 24kW condensing model, is a little heavier at 37 KG’s – than our internal boiler – thus depending on the weight you caravan wall can take, you can either mount it directly or make a frame from the chassis of the static caravan to support the weight.

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External LPG combination boiler for Static caravans from Flexiheat UK

The benefit of having an external compact lpg boiler, that is fully weatherproofed, is that you eliminate (the gladly rare but often fatal) carbon monoxide poisoning risk.

Our boilers can be converted from an LPG (propane) to a natural gas boiler easily, should the need ever arise.

So, if you want supplied a high-quality replacement for your Vaillant or Morco boilers- call us as we have a comprehensive range of LPG combination boilers.

LPG Boiler Controls for Static Caravan

You can control your heating system via the inbuilt control panel or even remotely via an app on your phone, tablet or computer (internet access required), so you can control your boiler from anywhere.

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lpg boilers


Our standard lpg combination boilers, which are internally fitted within the caravan, require a flue kit fitted. Our most common flue kit is a co-axial room sealed either horizontal or vertical, which means that all the air for the combustion process is taken from the exterior of the caravan (no windows need to be left open etc).

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Horizontal flue kit for the R2C caravan combination boiler from Flexiheat UK

or Vertical

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lpg water heaters

If you require just a water heater only, then you just require a lpg water heater, and we do a great range that are ideal high efficiency replacements for older Paloma, Vaillant,Worcester Bosch,Saunier Duval, Rinnai or Morco LPG water heaters.

But a few points to be aware here with regards to lpg water heaters –

There are lots of lpg water heaters on the UK market, that we’ll shall say are of “questionable quality “and also, we question some of the “performance claims”

Our top tips for selecting an lpg water heaters are –


1.Select a good quality manufacture for your lpg water heaters

Preferably from Europe, as by law spare parts have to be available for at least 10 years. Spares (including flue components spares) that aren’t available anymore, means a new water heater in most cases, with the additional expense of installing a new water heater.

2.Ask what country the LPG water heater is manufactured in?

Some are buying product in from the far east, and putting a badge on them – most of these are of very questionable quality to say the least – let alone the spares back up / availability.

3.Make sure your lpg water heaters, have suitable ” ErP” labels supplied

These are minimum requirements these days, to be on the UK and European market

The market for LPG water heaters really is really awash with some poor-quality water heaters, and the old adage of ” you get what you pay for ” or “buy cheap buy twice” really applies to the lpg water heaters market in the UK.

If you’re looking to replace the older Paloma range , Saunier Duval, Bosch, Vaillant, Rinnai or Worcester models, with a water heater range with a great warranty ,for your static caravan, chalets ,holiday home or even a house , then you need to look at this webpage that is dedicated to our dedicated caravan gas water heater  webpage or lpg water heaters  for our full range of water heaters.

Boiler Installation

Any LPG qualified gas fitters or plumbers can fit our lpg combi boiler, they are an easy installation, just connect up to the static caravans heating system and also to the static caravan water heater system.

As we supply plumbers and gas fitters across the country, it is important to use a relevant gas safe engineer, who is qualified to work on and install a lpg combi boiler in a caravan. Use the following website to check – Gas Safe Register

Delivery / Collect Options

We normally have the units available on a 2/3 working day delivery service or a next working day delivery if so required (at extra charge). Or alternatively you can collect from our site. Just let our sales team know your requirements.

Best static caravan boilers / static caravan gas boilers

For more information on the best lpg combi boiler range for a static caravan, residential park homes, chalets or holiday homes or apartments for sale on the UK market, manufactured in high quality stainless steel, then please give our sales team a call on 01202 822221, or use the web site contact form.