Industrial Portable Heaters UK; Portable industrial heaters; Industrial portable propane heater; Industrial space heaters diesel; industrial portable gas heaters

Industrial portable indirect heaters – M series- oil or gas fired mobile heaters

Industrial portable heaters – gas and diesel heaters – Output range from 22kW to 173kW of heating power fired by Diesel Oil, LPG Gas or Natural Gas

Industrial Portable Heaters UK; Portable industrial heaters; Industrial portable propane heater; Industrial space heaters diesel; industrial portable gas heaters
Efficient, reliable and applicable anywhere essential for heat distribution via warm air hoses, makes these a great heater for large space industrial use heating with the fuel type options of red diesel or gas in these highly energy efficient industrial fan heaters.

Due to the high-power radial fans fitted to this range of mobile heaters, these units are especially suitable for heat distribution with warm air hoses. This ensures efficient heating from outside the building for many applications such as a warehouse ,marquees, exhibition halls, medium sized commercial or industrial premises that is being heated.

They are also used on building sites to provide temporary heating, comfort heating or to provide heat for frost protection. With their high delta T – they are particularly suited to reduce drying times in construction.

The optional re-circulating air module allows an even more efficient and economical operation, and come as standard with a remote thermostat socket so these gas and diesel heaters can have adjustable thermostatic control to deliver warm air at your required desired temperature.

Please note that we now have a mobile industrial heating and cooling unit with 42.9 kW of heating capacity and 33.5 kW of cooling capacity that is run off a 3-phase, 415 volt electrical supply. If this electricity is from a renewable energy source, then these units can provide a carbon-neutral heating and cooling solution. More on this dedicated webpage – industrial portable air conditioner

Industrial space heaters diesel

When fitted with a diesel burner, the M series of portable industrial heaters, can be called a mobile or portable diesel industrial space heater. When supplied in this configuration, these mobile warm air heaters have an integral fuel tank and heating cartridge ( which ensures reliable starting of the heater) on the M25 and M50 models ( also an option on the M70 industrial portable heater model )when supplied with the red diesel oil burner version, make these portable industrial space heaters independent, space saving and immediately ready for use.

The diesel heaters models M70 to M200 have a oil fuel supply pipe to be connected to an external oil tank and a preheated filter which makes them also immediately ready for use. Quality branded oil burners and silent, yet powerful fans convert more than 93 % of the energy into heat.

Industrial Portable Propane Heater

Another option on these industrial mobile heaters is to have an LPG or Propane burner fitted to these mobile industrial heaters. This allows you to your propane as your preferred fuel source to provide warm air heating. You can then use propane cylinders or even use a bulk propane tank.

Some customers prefer this fuel as an option as it does offer some benefits over oil for example, as there is no risk of oil being spilt and contaminating the ground, although there are some downsides to propane, as any cylinders need top be protected from tampering with by any unauthorised people – This is normally achieved by placing the propane cylinders in a protective cage.

Whether an industrial portable propane heater is suitable for your mobile warm air heating application is down to you and your site conditions and applications

Portable industrial space heaters characteristics:

  • Stainless steel combustion chamber – ensuring long and reliable service life
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger – again we only use the best material, which gives superb reliability & product longevity
  • Rugged steel casing with tough enamel finish – built to withstand industrial use -which provides adequate protection against bumps and knocks with regular site use
  • Tank with heating cartridge- on the diesel / oil fired version
  • Radial fan fitted to this extensive range of heaters – Which ensures these industrial portable heaters warm air can push the warm air a long distance
  • Oil burner or Gas Burner ( LPG Gas or Natural Gas)
  • Recirculating air operation possible – see ;picture below-
  • Room thermostat connection – for a remote adjustable thermostat
  • Integrated oil tank (M25/M50/optional for M70) – when supplied with an oil burner
  • Oil filter
  • Heating device for nozzle holder
  • Preheated oil filter + single-line fuel supply pipe (M70 to M200 Oil Fired Models)
  • Automatic heating oil de-aeration on the diesel heaters version
  • Overheat temperature protection
  • Full spare parts availability
  • Casters wheels on the M70 to M200 models to aid mobility / portability – making moving these mobile industrial heaters easy to move and locate.
  • Crane eyes + forklift slots on the M70 to M200 industrial portable heaters
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One of our Portable Industrial Heaters fitted with the optional recirculation air module-which can save up to 30% on your fuel usage and increase the building warm up times.

Technical Data for the “M” Series of portable industrial heaters

With Oil / Diesel BurnerM25M50M70M70TM100M150M200
Product code040720000296000301101912000282000284000287
With Natural Gas BurnerM25NM50NM70NM100NM150NM200N
Product code050600050602050604050606050608050610
With LPG/ Propane BurnerM25FM50FM70FM100FM150FM200F
Product code050601050603050605050607050609050611
 With KG/UB  With Universal Oil Burner 
M50UM70UM100UM150UM200U **
Product Code056382056383056384056385056386
Nominal heat inputkW25517171100140188
Nominal heat outputkW2246646490125173
Air volume flowm³ / h13502600474047405400730010,200
External pressurePa150170180180150150150
Increase in temperatureK58595656635860
Oil consumption * at max heat outputkg / h2.094.265.935.938.3611.815.85
Gas consumption at max heat output
(Natural gas)
m³ / h2.114.926.859.6413.518.13
Gas Consumption at max heat output
kg / h1.953.975.537.7810.8914.63
Electrical connectionV / Hz / A230/50 /
230/50 /
230/50 /
230/50 /
400/50 /three phase
400/50 /three phase
400/50 /three phase
Electrical inputkW0.360.841.471.70.881.52.6
Tank capacityl274674
Flue pipe -exhaust gasses outletØ mm100130180180180180180
Warm air outletØ mm295385445445550550550
Air inlet socketØ mm2953854454455502 x 5202 x 520
Weight (oil burner)kg105138134175190270330
Noise leveldb (a)68727878777575

* Oil consumption: 1 kg / h = 1.17 l / h (at 15 ° C).

* * Caution: Cable and line protection 16 A (C16) are required

How far with these heater blow the warm air ?

Mobile Heaters – Pascal ( Pa ) explained -Air Pressure is expressed Pascal and has been since 1971.The SI unit for pressure is the Pascal (Pa), equal to one Newton per square
meter (N/m2 or kg·m−1·s−2). This special name for the unit was added in 1971; before that, pressure in SI was expressed simply as N/m2

Mobile Heaters have the units generated air pressure normally expressed in Pa
For example a M70 Industrial portable heater will produce 180 Pa
Everything that is attached to the end of a heater causes frictional resistance, and this depletes the amount of PA available after going through the duct or a bend in the duct etc

We have some approximate values for calculating how far our M series portable industrial heaters can blow the warm air –
For every 1 metre of duct, (it doesn’t matter if it’s horizontal or vertical) = 2 Pa /metre
A 90 degree bend in the duct = ca 20 Pa , Single warm air hose connector = ca 15 Pa
Minimum desired pressure at the end of a duct = ca 30 Pa
Thus a M70 heater with a straight run of ( warm air) duct could do –
Heater pressure – 180 Pa
Less desired PA at the end of the duct – 30 pa , less warm air hose connector – 15 Pa
= 135 Pa
= 135 Pa dived by 2 Pa per meter = 67.5 metres of straight duct

Portable Industrial Heater Applications

Building industry
• Heating and drying of building locations and all-weather projects.
• Drying of buildings after flooding.
• Heating of transit sheds, workshops and warehouses.
Marquee heating
• Especially suited for heating marquees, showrooms and sports halls.
• Heating stables, sheds and workshops.
• Drying of agricultural products.
• Storing flower bulbs without risk of harmful ethylene emission.
• Heating of greenhouses and poly tunnels without risk of harmful CO2 and CO emission.
• Heating sorting areas.
Motor trade
• Heating workshops, body preparation areas and spray booths

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industrial portable heaters;industrial portable propane heater;industrial portable gas heaters;

One of or “M” series heaters heating a Marquee at an exhibition held in the winter period

Below is one our or M series industrial fan heaters fitted with the re-circulation module, that improves heat up times and also reduces fuel usage
industrial portable heaters; industrial portable diesel heaters; industrial portable gas heaters; portable industrial heaters;

One of Oil Fired Industrial Portable Heaters , fitted with the recirculation module, that means you benefit from quicker heat up times and reduced fuel usage of up to 30%

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Industrial Portable Heaters for Sale

Some people have been known to call these heaters – portable industrial oil fired space heaters , industrial portable propane heater , industrial portable gas heaters depending on the burner fitted to them- whatever your requirement, they are an indirect industrial mobile heater, that allows warm air to be ducted into a warehouse, factory or any other location that needs fresh warm air heating , without the dangerous CO2 ( carbon monoxide).So if you need one of the best industrial portable heaters on the market , give us a call as we the best Industrial Portable Heaters for Sale UK wide if you require any more information on these industrial mobile heater range then please don’t hesitate to contact our sales department on 01202 822221 or send us an email