A picture of our industrial electric hot water boilers for electric heating systems with an output range from 90 to 960kW, with high thermal efficiency these electric boilers are suitable for district heating schemes or larger industrial buildings.Flexiheat UK

Industrial Electric Boilers – 90kW to 980kW

A picture of our industrial electric hot water boilers for electric heating systems with an output range from 90 to 960kW, with high thermal efficiency these electric boilers are suitable for district heating schemes or larger industrial buildings.

Electric Industrial Boiler Range – 90kW to 960kW Output


Industrial electric boilers are a highly efficient heating system for producing hot water for space heating and/or indirect domestic hot water. An electric boiler uses electric heating elements to generate thermal energy to heat water with high efficiency for space heating in industrial applications or to be used in industrial processes.These electric boilers can also produce domestic hot water via an indirect calorifier.

There has been a large uptake in the popularity of these electric boilers, as your hot water system, if powered by renewable electricity, can eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a clean and more sustainable environment.

Please note these are high pressure hot water electric boilers (up to 7 Bar maximum) and are not electric steam boilers. and this range is a step up from our commercial electric boiler range, which only can be used on a water temperature of 80C as standard ( 90C at special request) and up to 6 Bar water pressure.

We don not supply an electric boiler for steam production.

Industrial electric boilers have lower installation costs when compared to fossil fuel boilers, as no flue pipe installation is required to remove the products of combustion, as there aren’t any with a high efficiency electric industrial boiler.

Industrial electric boiler efficiency

Electric boilers are generally regarded as having 100% efficiency, as all the energy that goes into the immersion heaters is converted into energy to produce hot water. Technically, there is an argument that they are 99.9% efficient overall, as there is a minute amount of electricity used to power the control panel on the electric boiler.Our industrial electric boilers are a reliable source of hot water for space and / or process heating system.

Advantages of Electric Boilers

  • 100% efficiency of the immersion heaters in these electric-powered hot water boilers
  • Robust construction for long-term operation of this industrial electric boiler range
  • Easy installation and commissioning.
  • You benefit from low servicing and maintenance expenses, when it comes to electric boilers, as they require less regular maintenance than a gas or oil boiler. Electric boilers have no moving components as such, whereas other types of boilers have more moving elements that may break down and need maintenance.
  • There is no heat exchanger to block up, as there is no combustion chamber in an electric boiler. Electric boilers work by utilising immersion heaters, similar to those used in domestic hot water heaters, just on a larger scale.
  • You can get away from fossil fuel as your energy heat source if you use renewable electricity.
  • Environmentally friendly, with no combustion gas emissions produced.
  • These electric boilers are designed for commercial and industrial heating systems, be they radiators, underfloor heating, or to generate heat for district heating schemes.

Product Range

  • Power output from 90kW to 980 kW
  • Operating temperature from 20°C to 95°C water temperature
  • Maximum operating hot water pressure: 4 bar or 7 Bar rated options
  • Required Voltage – 400 Volt Three-phase without neutral.
  • 50mm Glass wool insulation with sheet metal finish (MO fire classification)
  • We use high quality screwed shielded Incoloy immersion heaters within our electric boilers.
  • Robust construction
  • Safety temperature thermostat with manual reset set at 110°C, fitted as standard to the electric industrial boilers.

A picture showing our Industrial hot water electric boilers output and technical data 90kw to 960kW Flexiheat UK

Electric Power and Controls Cabinet

Our standard control panel set up on our electric boilers is a waterproof box fixed to the electric boiler, including:
1 x switch or disconnector with padlock able external control of the units
3 x cartridge fuses per stage of power for the electric boilers output
1 x Contactor adapted to the power production per stage.
1 x  400/230 – 115 V transformer protected upstream and downstream for the control circuit
1 x On/Off key switch
1x  “On” indicator light
1 x “Safety” indicator light (hot water circulation, safety thermostat, etc.)
1 x  Connection terminal block for external servo-controls

Digital control option for our electric boilers

Type J control option for 90 to 630 kW boilers: 3-stage regulation of the electric boilers
*Optional: MODBUS communication card

or our more advanced option – 

Type S for the 665 to 980 kW electric boilers:
*6-stage output regulation
*Integrated MODBUS protocol
*Discrete boiler control panel
• 1 TRIAC stage
• Binary control of the electric boiler
• Outdoor temperature sensor

Download the ME Standard Industrial electric boilers 90 to 630kW installation manual

Download the ME Electric industrial boilers 665 to 980kW installation manual from Flexiheat UK

Accessories for our electric industrial boilers

Essential accessories kit (water flow switch, air eliminator,pressure saftey valve set at 7 Bar, drain valve).

Essential accessories for our electric industrial boilers, including a shunt pump, flow switch, pressure switch, drain valve and safety valves from Flexiheat UK

Essential accessories for our electric industrial boilers


Optional –
Single pump control unit option.
Double circulation pump unit control option.

Replacing a gas or oil fired boiler

Yes, it’s not an issue to replace your existing heating system boilers, with an electric boiler, you just need to have the Amps required on a three phase electricity supply to power these boilers.


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