Waste Oil Burner / Universal Oil Burner -KG/UB

Output range 26kW to 190kW

KG UB Multi Waste Oil BurnersWaste Oil Burner or Multi Oil Burner – The multi talented oil burner !

Waste Oil Burner -Warm air heaters are the most economical way of heating a commercial or industrial workshop,factory, garage, warehouse etc.  especially when they are run with a multi/waste oil burner instead of a conventional oil or gas burner. Flexiheat offers you a large product range of warm air waste oil heaters and boilers, specially designed for this purpose.

Without any significant modifications, mineral oils, vegetable oils and animal oils can be used as a fuel source. There are no special tools required. Just turn a dial to adjust the pre-heating temperature and the combustion air to the oil in question.This is one of the very few burners to be designed and approved to burn pure rapeseed oil and conforms to European Standard EN 267 with relation to rapeseed oil according to DIN 51605. This makes it a full bio oil burner, from B10 to B100 classification for bio oil.

Waste Oil Burners – How do they work ?

The combustible oil is atomized using compressed air at comparatively low pressures.This allows us to use larger nozzle diameters which prevent blocking of the nozzles,even if polluted or viscous oils are being burnt. A separate fuel supply system lifts the oil out of the storage tank and pumps it reliably over large distances to the burner. Here, it is filtered and preheated.This is important –  for a consistently good quality of ignition and combustion of the oil.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Due to the ever increasing cost of mineral oils, vegetable oils are playing an more important role as a fuel source. Their calorific value is very close to the values of heating oil. Vegetable oils are renewable , CO2 neutral and do not contain any sulphur or heavy metals.

Waste Oil Boiler or Warm Air Heater

Most new and old boilers can easily be equipped with a Kroll universal / waste oil burner, giving you the flexibility to choose the oil you want: be it for economic or ecological reasons , or a combination of both

This range of burners require a compressed air supply , many sites have their own supply or we do a very quiet compressor, which has been specifically designed to create the compressed air required to run our burners. Our compressors are the diaphragm type ( Oil Free )and are continuously rated, which is very important as many compressors aren’t, requiring very little maintenance and are also very quiet – 70dBA max , for reference normal speech is 60dBA.This is an important factor , as  for example when used with one of our waste oil boiler set ups, if the boiler thermostat says you need heat at 3AM in the morning, the last thing you need is to be woken by a big noisy compressor  ! Also as our compressor is controlled via the burner, and only operates on demand , there are large energy savings achieved by using one, meaning lower running costs. They are also very compact , roughly of the size of a small briefcase

Fuels that can be used in the Kroll universal / waste oil burner –UBK Quiet Compressor

  • 35 second Heating Oil/Diesel
  • Processed Fuel Oil ( PFO )
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Linseed Oil
  • Most Vegetable Oils
  • Used Engine Oil
  • Bio Diesel
  • Hydraulic Oils

We believe we have the best waste oil burner for sale worldwide, let alone the best waste oil burner UK

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Download Kroll UBK Compressor Brochure