Suspended Warm Air Unit Heater – Gas

Output range 18kW to 106 kW

Suspended warm air unit heater gasThe FH-GUH range of heaters are indirect gas fired suspended warm air unit heaters, which have been designed for use in factory or warehouse premises where floor space is at a premium.

The main advantages of these gas fired unit heaters is the space-saving wall mounted or suspended installation options with efficiency, energy saving, comfort and reliability in a compact design that is specially designed for indoor areas that are tight for space. The units are fitted on a wall /pillar or even suspended, via a console or suspension chains – ensuring the entire area under the appliance can be used.

The Flexiheat FH-GUH gas fired unit heaters can be supplied in axial fan free blowing format, to be installed directly into the space to be heated, or with centrifugal fan for ducted applications. Heaters are generally arranged for on/off operation however they may also be specified with high/low heat output.

The warm air is distributed via the discharge louvers into the space being heated.

Key Features

  • Indirect fired with exhaust fan
  • Compact gas unit heater
  • Heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel pipe heat exchanger
  • Natural gas or LPG options are available
  • All units are over 92% efficient
  • Up to 7 Years Complete Warranty  (The Warranty is subject to the condition that the yearly maintenance is carried out on the device)
  • Axial or centrifugal fan option, for ducted applications
  • Choice of outputs: 18kW to  106kW
  • All units are 240Volt / 1 phase powered
  • Temperature control with summer and winter modes

Models Available

  • GUHA – Axial Fan Cross flow Units, from 12kW to 106kW Output These units can be installed in either a Horizontal or Vertical (Down Flow) Orientation
  • GUHC – Centrifugal Close Coupled Fan Units from 12kW to 58 kW Output For use in Ducted Air systems, with the options of Fresh Air Inlet, External Mounting and ducting in the warm air etc.
  • GUHCondense – These are condensing units, from 12kW to 58kW Output .These have the option of axial or centrifugal fans

Free blowing models are fitted with axial fans and discharge warmed air directly into the heated space via adjustable louvered horizontal grilles. Centrifugal fan models are fitted with a centrifugal fan close-coupled directly to the heater casing.

The range has been designed for use in factory or warehouse premises where gas firing is a requirement and floor space is at a premium.


All Flexiheat UK heaters are type tested to meet the stringent requirements the Gas Directive and are CE approved

Flueing Options – Room Sealed ( Co- Axial Flue ) or Combustion Air from the building

Exhaust systemsExhaust systemsExhaust systemsExhaust systemsExhaust systems

B22-H                             B22V                                 C12                                    C12K                               C32

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