IR45 Infrared oil heater

Infrared Oil HeaterThe Kroll IR45 Infrared Heater is a solid, mobile infrared heater that is ideal for spot-heating of outdoor and ventilated indoor areas.Just like the sun, Infrared waves are not absorbed by the air and all the heat emitted reaches the persons or objects it was meant to warm up (thus no energy is wasted). It is worth noting that contrary to the radiation emitted by the sun, the infrared radiation is not hazardous to people as it does not contain any UV light. Infrared heaters are irreplaceable when it comes to heating a certain spot or zone on a large open or semi -open spaces, defrost objects or the ground. Our mobile Infrared Oil heater are also perfect when heating of large spaces is not economically viable and when there is a need to warm-up a specific area.

The IR45 heater is also suitable as temporary and emergency heating systems, as well as for specific applications in the construction industry, such as concrete drying and defrosting pipelines or machinery. The IR45 can also provide comfort heating to workers outdoors.

Advantages of the Infrared Oil Heater

High Efficiency

Excels at spot heating

Easy to operate and easy to maintain

Fast heat up period


Stainless steel reflector (height adjustable)

Superb mobility

“Direct” and “indirect” heating effect- the heat emanates out of the heater towards the objects and then is given “back” to the surrounding air.

Horizontal regulation of  the heat wave

True spot or zone heating

Clean and safe combustion system

Electronic flame controller

Not effected by air movement – thus making it very efficient, with low energy wastage

Economical heating of large areas regardless of frequent air changes

Ideal for:

  • Spot heating on contruction and renovation sites
  • Spot heating in workshops, transit sheds and warehouses
  • Warming up and defrosting of machines or the ground 
  • Spot heating in large sheds.
  • Spot heating in work areas
  • Boat Builders, dock yards, rail works and  road works

Product Details for the IR45 Mobile Infrared Oil Heater

Nominal heat input 45,5 kW
Oil consumption 3,6 kg/h
Electrical consumption 0,37 kW
Electrical connection 230/50 V/HZ/A
Tank content 65 l
Width 712 mm
Length 1410 mm
Height 1053 mm
Weight 73 kg
Noise level 72 db(A)


  • Stainless steel reflector (height adjustable)
  • Steel casing, powder coated
  • Compact construction
  • Silent operation
  • Tank included