Rhino Dehumidifiers

Rhino dual voltage dehumidifier – Hailed as the perfect Rhino Dehumidifier for in house or office use as well as for drying out flooded rooms and new buildings or drying the clothes within limited time it prevents moss and mould build-up too. It has powerful and efficient 0.6 kW fan motor that helps in dehumidifying at the rate of 40 l / day. It can also be powered from 230 V or 110 V supply.

Since we stopped manufacturing the Rhino Dehumidifier range for Birchwood Price Tools, we have moved forward with the design of our dual voltage dehumidifier range, and the replacement units are now designated as the T20D, again a 20 Litre dual voltage dehumidifier, and the T40D again a 40 Litre dual voltage dehumidifier, which have proven to be a big success in the industrial and commercial flood restoration market, as well as the construction industry. On large sites, our large capacity industrial dehumidifiers are perfect for accelerating the drying process of plaster work and concrete flooring,as well as the flood restoration market

We often get asked for rhino RD4S dehumidifier instructions, and these are available to download from the following links, as well as the Rhino RD2S Dehumidifier model.Please click on the appropriate link to download the relevant manual.

Download Manual For RD2S – Built After 2004

Download Manual For RD2S – Built Before 2004

Download Manual for RD4S – Built After 2004

Download Manual for RD4S – Built Before 2004

Rhino Dual Voltage Dehumidifier – Replacement Units

We do a full range of dual voltage , 110 Volt / 240 Volt dehumidifiers , that now go up to 169 Litres per day in size, more information on these and our smaller units can be found on our dedicated web page here

You will also see our equivalent dehumidifier model to the Rhino RD48 Dehumidifier 48 Litre Dual Voltage model , which would be our Flexiheat “FR70DV” Unit.As well as the replacement for the Rhino RD55 Professional Dehumidifier 110/240 Volt , which again is our Flexiheat FR70DV Dual Voltage Dehumidifier.

Replacement for the Rhino Dehumidifiers

Replacement for the Rhino RD2S is now the T20D and the replacement for the Rhino RD4S is now the T40D

Rhino RD2S Dehumidifier

Rhino RD2S Dual Voltage Dehumidifier

Rhino RD4S DehumidifierRhino RD4S Dual Voltage Dehumidifier

Kroll T20D Dehumidifier

Kroll T20D Dual Voltage Dehumidifier

Kroll T40D Dehumidifier

Kroll T40D Dual Voltage Dehumidifier