Propane Space Heater from 18kW to 100kW Output

Propane Space Heater – If you require a portable and mobile heating solution that can be used in or outdoors, you should consider a propane heater. Propane space heater,propane heater for garage,propane heater greenhouse,propane heater uk,These type of  gas heaters are extremely  popular with those who need portability with their warm air space heating solutions.  Whether you need a heater for your greenhouses, storage room or if you want to add heat in your garage or warehouse, you can find the perfect solution with our professional range of propane space heaters

Propane Space Heater – Warm Air – Direct Fired – Automatic Ignition

Propane Space Heater or Portable Gas Heater – By nature, gas is an ecologically beneficial fuel. The “FHNG”  Propane gas fired warm air heaters burn nearly residue free. They have a high degree of efficiency of 100%. A room thermostat can be connected to save energy, making the unit a propane space heater with thermostat.

These propane space heaters are manufactured in stainless steel,and are designed for long user life, which makes them particularly attractive to the professional end of the market, such as hire companies or people who value quality and longevity – unlike a lot of these units that are on the market which are made in the far east,these gas heaters are robust and will give you many years of reliable service.

The propane space heater range goes from 18 kW to 100 kW. So for all applications , from warehouse heating,grain drying,greenhouse heating – especially frost protection,horticultural and agricultural heating, workshop heating or factory heating we have a suitable heater. Every unit has got a built-in pressure controller. Included with every unit is a gas hose with pressure regulator suitable for LPG gas bottles from 5 to 33 KG’s . All of these are in accordance with the German Industrial Norm DIN 30697 and thus in accordance with the European Norm CE.

  • Suitable for warehouses and storage areas.
  • Highly portable and easy to install.

    Optional Room Thermostat with Cable

  • All the heat is instant and directed to the area required.
  • Uses LPG bottled gas and is suitable for many purposes.
  • Efficient, clean combustion
  • Variable heat output
  • Safety shutdown on gas/flame/fan failure and overheat

What is LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG  is a mixture of propane and butane gas, which is a waste product when refining petroleum. Unlike natural gas, this gas mixture liquefies even at a low pressure. This has the advantage that, unlike natural gas, it can be stored in tanks in a space-saving and portable manner.

Propane Gas Space Heaters Technical Data- The “FHNG” Range

Model           FHNG 35           FHNG 50           FHNG 75         FHNG 100
Nominal heat loading capacity kW          18.0 – 35.0          25.0 – 50.0          35.0 – 70.0       50.0 – 100.0
Air capacity m³/h             1,100              1,400              2,000            2,800
Supply pressure bar           2.5 – 10             2.5 – 10              2.5 – 10            2.5 – 10
Connected load kg/h          1.1 – 2.73           1.95 – 3.91        2.73 – 5.47           3.91 – 7.81
Current consumption Amps              0.48               0.48                 0.6               0.92
Length mm              500                650                800              1,000
Width mm              320               320                 370                370
Height mm              460                460                 520                 520
Weight kg               14                  16                 21                  26
Electric supply V/Hz       230v / 50Hz      230v / 50Hz      230v / 50Hz         230v / 50Hz
Gas/CategoryLiquefied petroleum gas
Product ID-No.CE – 0085 / AQ 0232CE – 0085 / AQ 0232CE – 0085 / AQ 0232CE – 0085 / AQ 0232
Possibility of controlFully automatic propane gas space heaters with electronic ignition – Connection of room thermostat is possible via plug-in socketFully automatic propane gas space heaters with electronic ignition – Connection of room thermostat is possible via plug-in socketFully automatic propane gas space heaters with electronic ignition – Connection of room thermostat is possible via plug-in socketFully automatic propane gas space heaters with electronic ignition – Connection of room thermostat is possible via plug-in socket

propane heater with thermostat,propane space heater with thermostat,gas heater with thermostat

All of our electronic ignition “FHNG” range of Propane Space Heaters can be fitted with a remote thermostat which comes complete with 10 Metres of cable as an optional extra

Propane gas space heaters are – 

… environmentally beneficial

By nature, gas is an ecologically beneficial fuel. These gas fired heaters burn almost without odour and are virtually residue free

… efficient

The units burn with high efficiency. A room thermostat can be supplied thus making them more economical to run and easier to control.

… variable

The standard of performance range is extensive. This means we can supply the appropriate propane gas space heater unit for any heating requirement you may have.

… sophisticated

Every unit has got a pressure controller. End fittings will be delivered as well. All of them are in accordance with the German Industrial Norm DIN 30697, thus in accordance with the European Norm CE.

… safe

The gas flame is permanently supervised by an ionisation flame control. The gas supply stops immediately as soon as the gas flame would go out and the thermostat prevents the unit from overheating.

… unlikely to require much maintenance.

Robust technology and extremely high manufacturing quality ensure flawless operation.

We’ve heard some people call these propane space heaters – gas blower heater , gas fan heater , or a mobile gas heater . You can call them what you want, we know that we have the best propane space heater available.

So if you want the best gas space heaters on the UK market , give us a call

Portable Propane Heater

These portable propane heaters are easy to maneuver, and can be easily be transported due to their small size and light weight in a car boot or van should you need to move them to another location.

propane gas space heaters uk,propane space heater,portable propane heater,space heaters propane

Propane Gas Space Heaters – Being small & lightweight – The best portable propane heater on the UK & Irish market

Large Propane Space Heaters

With a complete range of propane gas space heaters with outputs from 18 kW all the way up to 100 kW, with our 35kW to 70kW model being only 21 Kg’s and our 50kW to 100kW model being only 26 Kg’s it’s safe to say that our large propane heaters are not only powerful ,but are also compact and light weight for their heating capabilities

Propane Space Heaters for Sale UK and Ireland

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