Heating and Cooling System

The HK Heating & Cooling System


Autonomous monoblock air handling unit
ROOF-TOP SMARTBOXY  are self-contained monoblock air handling units designed for cooling, heat pump heating, filtration, air renewal and free-cooling.

Advantages of the SMARTBOXY 

The Smartboxy units are extremely efficient, environmental friendly and reliable:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy use
  • Heat pump operation is possible
  • Maximal thermal efficiency of up to 106%
  • Heat recovery thanks to air circulation and optional heat exchanger

SMARTBOXY  units are designed and set up to simplify and reduce installation intervention to a minimum and to achieve maximum energy savings through a technology with high energy efficiency supported by an intelligent and advanced independent management of thermal or refrigeration energy in relation to actual needs of the environments treated: heating or cooling only when and where it is needed.

The SMARTBOXY  units are available in multiple versions and configurations to respond to diversified application needs. Suitable for environments with medium / large volumes, such as shops, show rooms, gyms, supermarkets, shopping centers, cinemas, theaters etc. Prepared for high efficiency heat recovery in applications where renewal is required ensuring an excellent level of air quality and compliance with the relevant laws and regulations

SCROLL Multi-compressors
Electronic expansion valves

The adoption of compressors arranged in tandem operating in individual refrigerant circuits, with R410 A fluid, combined with the adoption of electronic expansion valves allow to implement a response with high energy efficiency especially at partial loads with consequent maximum seasonal efficiencies and reduction of energy consumption

Supply ventilation and rationalized air recovery with high energy efficiency

The technology of the PLUG FUN fans with EC brushless motor directly coupled to the impeller allows to achieve high energy yields and the possibility of adjusting the air flow rate in relation to the conditions and needs of use: maintaining the air flow rate as the resistance varies aeraulic distribution / diffusion system, variable air flow rate reduced to partial loads and temperature maintenance.

External fans

They are of the helicoidal type with directly coupled motor, protected with safety grilles and characterized by high efficiency and low noise .
The Speed ​​Control accessory ( CVA ) allows:

  • increase the operating range of the unit in cooling mode at low outdoor temperature
  • further reduce noise
  • reduce electricity consumption.

Air quality

  • Basic filtration in G4 class with integration of filters in efficiency class up to F9 (accessory)
  • Air renewal with CO2 and VOC control for MSV and MCV configurations
  • Humidification and dehumidification with air humidity control (accessory)

Active Thermodynamic Recovery

The MSV and MCV configurations allow the recovery of the energy contained in the expelled air through the direct transfer to the thermodynamic cycle implemented by the units in the heating and cooling operation. Energy recovery also combines an increase in the operating range of the units in relation to the expelled air flow.