external oil boilers; Outside oil boiler; Outdoor oil boiler;wall hung oil boiler

External Oil Boilers – Wall Hung – 12kW to 20kW Output

external oil boilers; Outside oil boiler; Outdoor oil boiler;wall hung oil boiler

Wall Hung External Oil Boilers From Flexiheat UK

External Oil Boilers – The need for more space within our homes is a typically modern demand. The reduction in the size of current housing units has made it necessary to develop new solutions for installing the appliances in unused areas, such as external walls or balconies.External oil boilers / outdoor oil boilers satisfy this need, guaranteeing the same level of comfort, safety and reliability as a traditional indoor oil boiler. Designed to be installed outside the inhabited areas, in places protected from direct rain, they are made of particularly resistant materials capable of withstanding the wear and tear of humidity, frost and other adverse weather conditions. The protection against bad weather is completed by special windproof devices, which ensure the correct functioning of the boiler in normal weather conditions throughout the year. The frost protection systems acting on both the heating and the DHW side ensure normal appliance operation up to external temperatures of – 10 ° C, preserving the boiler and also the room where the heating system is installed.If the outdoor temperature drops with the risk of freezing, the circulation pump is activated and, if necessary, the burner.The outdoor boilers can be easily managed from inside the house thanks to the advanced remote-control thermo regulation systems


The advantages of external oil boilers

• More space inside your home. Eliminating the boiler from your utility room or kitchen maximizes essential space and when it comes to old, large boilers,and also removes an obvious eyesore
• Reduced noise – Some boilers are significantly noisy when in operation. With vibrating, banging and humming sounds a constant irritation
• No carbon monoxide gas danger.- Although not a typical or common event, carbon monoxide leakages are a genuine risk which can be removed by installing these oil boilers externally
• Prevents potential damage to your home – Sometimes, boilers can leak oil which not only causes significant damage and mess but can also smell.
• Much easier to gain access to for servicing and maintenance- Moving the boiler outdoors means your home does not become momentary workshop during annual servicing and can enhance access to making your routine upkeep and the engineer’s task much easier
• Heating for outside buildings- If you decide to install the boiler in an outhouse or garage, it will lose a particular quantity of heat to the air around it which could be a favourable result if the location is utilized as a work area or storage

outside oil boiler;outdoor oil boilers

Outside or Outdoor Oil Boilers – Available with a Cream or Brown casing

External Oil Boiler Features

  • Condensing heat exchanger , with a Manufacturer’s 5 Year Guarantee
  • Outputs ranging from 12 kW to 20 kW / 40,944 to 68,240 Btu’s
  • Manufacturer’s 2 Year Guarantee on Parts/Labour, and an additional 3 years for the Heat Exchanger ( making 5 years in total for the heat exchanger ).That’s how confident in the quality of our product we are.This is subject to correct installation, commissioning and servicing as per our manufactures’ instructions – of course with the exception of service items)
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • High quality external powder coated case
  • Low Nox burner which conforms to the latest EU directives regarding low levels of nitrogen oxide emitted
  • External wall mountable
  • SEDBUK – Rated “A” External Oil Boiler – The highest efficiency available at present
  • Efficiency: SAP 2009/2012 annual efficiency (89.8% to 90.2%)
  • Manual reset high limited thermostat is fitted as standard.
  • Frost thermostat is fitted as standard.
  • Maximum installation height : 2.5 metres from tank outlet to bottom of the casing.
  • Oil filter, non-return valve, condensate trap included.
  • British Made

External oil Boilers  – SEDBUK stands for ‘Seasonal Efficiency Data Base United Kingdom’. It is a government scheme introduced to encourage and ensure that the efficiency of heating appliances can be rated fairly across all manufacturers . The grades are A,B,C,D, or E with grade A representing the highest efficiency available at present.

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External Oil Boilers Models and Options

All of our external oil boilers, which also get referred to as outdoor or outside oil boilers , are available in 2 different types, these being –

  1. External – Standard Oil Boiler ( or sometimes referred to as Conventional or even Regular oil boilers ) – These are oil external boilers that don’t have an inbuilt pump or expansion vessel , that is required for a sealed system. These standard oil boilers are normally found in older heating systems, where the you have an oil boiler, linked to a hot water storage cylinder ( more commonly known as a hot water tank ) fed by a cold water storage tank ( normally located in the loft ) and usually installed on what is called an open vent heating system , which was the prevalent or traditional way of installing heating systems up until 15 years or so ago. If you are looking to replace your old oil boiler, with one of our external condensing oil boilers, in an older existing heating system, then this is probably the replacement oil boiler for you. These condensing oil boilers are a lot more efficient with a minimum efficiency of 90% , but if commissioned correctly you are looking at an efficiency of more like 93% , meaning that for very litre of oil burnt, around 93% of it’s useful heat is utilized, reducing your fuel bills accordingly.These boilers are suitable for fully pumped, conventional open vented, or sealed heating systems.

We do two model within this range , the smallest oil external wall hung boiler has a rated output of between 12 kW to 16 kW , which in Btu’s is 40,944 to 54,592 , and the larger external oil boiler model is rated with an output of 12 kW to 20 kW, which is 40,944 to 68,240 Btu’s.

  1. External – System Oil Boiler – A system boiler is basically an standard boiler, which includes the pump and expansion tank that are built into the external condensing oil boiler which allows you to have a “sealed heating system”, which has become the standard over the last 15 years or so. The benefits of a ” sealed system” are that no feed and expansion tank is required in the loft or at high level ( another benefit is that these tanks were prone to freezing or bursting at the most inconvenient time , often cause major water damage or resulting in a failed heating system ), and that the oil heating installation is made a lot more tidier, easier, and simplifies servicing of the external oil boiler, as everything is in one place , withing the boiler casing.We only do the system oil boiler in the smallest version, which is 12 kw to 16 kW or 40,944 to 54,592 Btu’s.It is not available in the larger output model at present.This external wall hung oil boiler is suitable for sealed heating systems only.

We do 2 models within our range of external oil boilers – a 12 kW to 16 kW Output model , or in BTU’s = 40,944 to 68,240 and this is designated as the FHX1 for the standard oil boiler and FHX1 System for the system oil boiler, these external oil boilers would normally be suitable for smaller semi-detached or terraced properties and bungalows alike , but should you be in any doubt of what size boiler you require , please consult a heating engineer or plumber, for further advice.

External Oil Boiler  12kW to 16kW Output

    Standard   System
Height   725mm   725mm
Width   696mm   696mm
Depth   395mm   395mm
Weight   84kg   84kg


The larger external oil boiler model is a 12 kW to 20 kW Output model , or in BTU’s = 40,944 to 68,240 which is designated the FHX2 model, this external oil boiler would normally be suitable for Larger semi-detached or terraced properties and larger bungalows alike , but again should you be in any doubt of what size boiler you require , please consult a heating engineer or plumber, for further advice.

External Oil Boiler  12kW to 20kW Output

Height   990mm
Width   582mm
Depth   400mm
Weight KG (dry)   93kg

Download the Flexiheat Brochure for External Oil Boilers

Which ever option you require, we highly recommend that you use an OFTEC approved / trained installer who promotes excellence in the oil heating industry by setting standards for  installation and maintenance of oil-fired appliances for the domestic consumer

Flue Terminating Positions for Oil Fired External Oil Boilers

Flue Terminating Positions for Oil Fired External Oil Boilers,Outdoor oil boiler,Outside oil boiler,External oil boilers prices

Advantages of External oil Boilers 

External condensing oil boilers have full load efficiencies of up to 93%. That’s up to 20% more efficient than an existing traditional oil boiler and potentially a 20% reduction in your fuel bills!

They say a picture can speak a thousand words , and below you can see one of our external oil boilers , installed at high level , the ability to install our external oil boilers in a wall hung configuration , means that you place them in a variety of locations off the floor ( these oil external boilers can be installed to a maximum installation height of 2.5m from the oil tank outlet to the bottom of the casing) , which is a particular advantage for customers who live in  a flood zone areas , as the boiler can be taken out of the “danger zone”. Another advantage of mounting the external oil boilers at this height is that they are out of the way of children , who have an awful habit of trying to feed the exhaust flue with various items such as twigs, straws and pretty much anything they can get their hands on ! and the third advantage is the the exhaust or flue gases are in free air , which means that you are less likely to smell any obnoxious smells / fumes from the oil boiler.

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External Oil Boilers – Best Quality & Price UK Wide 

All of our external oil boilers have been designed and manufactured to the following standards – OFTEC OFS A100, European Directives BED 92/42 and EEC LVD EN 60335-1 and EMC 89/33C/EEC and are WRAS approved. They are designed to burn Kerosene 28 Class C fuel – to British Standard Specification BS 2869 Part 2 Class C2 , European standard BS EN 2869:2010 Class C2, which are also referred to as Heating Oil, 28 Second Burning Oil or Central Heating Fuel. This grade of Kerosene has clean burning characteristics whilst maintain a high heat output and maximum fuel economy.

External Oil Boiler for Sale UK & Ireland 

We have these heard the External Condensing Oil Boilers called everything from Outside Oil Boiler, Outdoor Oil Boiler, and you can call them what you like, all we know is that we have a British built, high quality External Oil Boiler, at some of the best prices on the UK market, so should you require any more information on our External Oil Boilers , please don’t please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.