Commercial Dehumidifiers – 240 Volt / 1 Phase or 110 Volt Dual Voltage

commercial dehumidifiers,commercial dehumidifiers UK,commercial dehumidifier for sale,dehumidifier commercialCommercial Dehumidifiers – Reduce the threat of damp and condensation with the Kroll “TK” range of Commercial Dehumidifiers which are listed first, as you move down the page our “FR” range of dehumidifiers are shown, these are available in 240 V / 1 Phase or in Dual Voltage – 110 Volt / 240 Volt

“TK” Range 240 Volt / 1 Phase Units –

TK30 Unit –dehumidifying capacity (litre/day) 30 ltrs/24hrs 

TK60 Unit –dehumidifying capacity (litre/day)  60 ltrs/24hrs –

Both units dehumidifying capacity (litre/day) is quoted at 30°C/90% relative air humidity

Commercial Dehumidifiers

Commercial Dehumidification – Whether there’s a need for fast, reliable and energy-efficient drying, Flexiheat UK has the answer. In new building construction, in renovation or alteration of existing buildings, or in special circumstances such as flooding, there’s no quicker, surer or more economical way to reduce moisture without the risk of damage to the building fabric.

With their unrivalled versatility these Kroll 240 volt  commercial dehumidifiers are a popular choice throughout the hire and flood restoration industries where they help reduce the speed of drying times and reduce water damage. The come as standard with hours counters and an integrated hygrostat , as well as hot gas defrost which ensures higher efficiency, with less down time.

Differing circumstances present different problems – but the professional Kroll Commercial Dehumidifiers have been designed to provide an effective solution whatever the situation. In newly built or partially completed buildings, Kroll Commercial Dehumidifiers enable interior plaster, screeds and timberwork to be dried at a controlled rate. This means that decorators can work systematically, keeping to the required schedule, regardless of weather conditions.

Of particular interest to the rental market, is that the TK commercial dehumidifier is stackable, saving you valuable storage space and making them easier to transport. The Kroll “TK” range of dehumidifiers are designed to cope with demanding site conditions, spending their time on hire. Earning you money, year after year

So, if you’re looking for the best dehumidifier to help tackle condensation, damp and mould, we’ll help you find the best commercial dehumidifier for your requirements.

Characteristics of the Kroll “TK” Commercial Dehumidifier

• Integrated hygrostat ( also known as a hydrostat or humidistat )

• Steel casing, powder-coated – for extended product life

• Hours counter – Letting you or your customer see how long the dehumidifier has been operating for.

• Hot gas defrosting – It’s vital your dehumidifier has this as standard otherwise in colder temperatures the unit will freeze up and only extract a tiny amount of water

• Drip pan or water tank capacity – This is a water tank that holds the water that condenses during the dehumidification process and drips into an inbuilt and removable bucket type water tank

• Modularly extendable – You can “daisy chain” these dehumidifiers in operation

• Stackable – Saving valuable space when storing the dehumidifiers


  • The units are easy to install, immediately ready for use and of silent operation.

Automatic hot gas defrosting

  • Ensures trouble-free operational so when the unit is running permanently. This leads to an elevated degree of efficiency and very short operation breaks.

Wide range of operation

  • From 5 to 32°C, at 30 to 90% relative air humidity (see technical data table)

Long durability

  • The robust long life filter-which is easy to clean and increases the units lifespan.

Further advantages

  • Overflow switch with magnetic contact
  • CFC-free refrigerant: to protect the environment and the ozone layer.
  • LED display informs about the current operating status. Electronic and safety control for fully automatic operation.

Important for the dehumidifier rental market / users

  • Hours counter
  • Stackable

Useful accessories

  • Condensate pump
  • Overflow protection for external collecting pan

Commercial Dehumidifiers UK

Maximum  dehumidifying capacity *litres/24h3060
Air deliverym³/h5801,000
Operating range humidity%RF50-9050-90
Operating range temperature°C5-325-32
Electrical connectionV/Hz230/50230/50
Electrical power consumptionkW0.651.07
water tank capacitylitres66
Hours counter++
Condensate pump connection++
Inbuilt power socket++
Hot gas defrosting+
Noise leveldB(A)5256

* All dehumidification rates are quoted at 30°C and 90% relative air humidity

Download The Flexiheat Commercial Dehumidifiers Brochure

Download Technical Manual for TK30 and TK60  Commercial Dehumidifier UK


From  – 38 Ltrs/24 hrs   To  65 Ltrs/ 24 Hrs – at 30°C/90% Relative Air Humidity

The Flexiheat range of commercial dehumidifiers combine very large extraction rates with high quality materials to give industry leading performance.  These rugged and reliable units use tough steel bodies and powder coated finishes to take the knocks associated with regular site use while the reduced size and weight help you maximise transport and storage space.  With their unrivalled versatility our range of commercial dehumidifiers are a popular choice throughout the hire and flood restoration industries where they help reduce the speed up drying times and reduce water damage.  Available in either dual voltage or 230 Volt single voltage only.We also offer a full range of accessories including hour counters, humidistats and condensate pumps which can be added to these dehumidifiers for commercial use, if so required.

commercial dehumidifier,dehumidifier commercial for sale

Model FR40 Commercial Dehumidifier from Flexiheat UK

Commercial Dehumidifier Model “FR40” from Flexiheat UK

  • Maximum extraction rate – 38.01 Litres /24 Hrs @ 100%RH/35°C – real world extraction rate – 11.25 Litres /24 Hrs @ 70%RH/20°C
  • Nominal Airflow Rate – 849 M3/Hour , or 30,000 CF/Hour
  • Built for commercial applications
  • Compact design
  • Locking castors
  • Dimensions  ( Height x Breadth x Depth ) – 545 mm x 370 mm x 320 mm
  • Weight – 23 KG’s
  • Electrical Supply -230 Volt/50 Hz/Single Phase or Dual Voltage available 110 Volt / 230 Volt
  • Nominal Running Current – 1.3 Amps ( with 230 Volt)

A compact commercial dehumidifier ideal for site or flood restoration use. The rugged and reliable commercial grade dehumidifier model “FR40” has been designed to maximise storage and transport space and is available in dual voltage and with a host of accessories including humidistat, condensate pump and hour counter

commercial dehumidification

“FR70” Commercial Dehumidifier from Flexiheat UK

Commercial Dehumidifier Model “FR70” from Flexiheat UK

  • Maximum extraction rate – 65 Litres /24 Hrs @ 100%RH/35°C – real world extraction rate – 25.50 Litres /24 Hrs @ 70%RH/20°C
  • Nominal Airflow Rate – 849 M3/Hour , or 30,000 CF/Hour
  • Built for commercial dehumidification applications
  • Compact design
  • Large wheels
  • Dimensions ( Height x Breadth x Depth ) – 770 mm x 445 mm x 470 mm
  • Weight –  36 KG’s
  • Electrical Supply – 230 Volt/50Hz/1 Phase or Dual Voltage available – 110 Volt / 240 Volt
  • Nominal Running Current – 3.6 Amps ( with 230 Volt)

A large capacity commercial dehumidifier ideal for site or flood restoration use. The rugged and reliable FR70’s steel case is built to withstand the rigours of daily site use and it is also available in dual voltage along with accessories including condensate pump, humidistat and hour counter.

Commercial Dehumidifiers for Sale UK & Ireland

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