Many homes and buildings suffer from high humidity and the problems it causes; Damp patches, condensation on walls and windows, mould and increased dust mite populations. A good domestic or commercial dehumidifier will reduce the levels of moisture and help to alleviate these problems. High humidity is a problem that affects many environments. From homes […]

Waste Oil Boiler

Waste Oil Boilers

Burning waste oil in order to generate heat is a relatively new way to provide warmth and hot water to households that is becoming increasingly popular among industrial or domestic users. Although, installing a waste oil boiler within one’s home would not be possible, due to its design specifics, it still can be mounted in […]

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LTHW Air Unit Heaters

LTHW air unit heaters Many industrial buildings prefer to run their heating from a piped hot water circuit. Where heat is available in this form then the use of LTHW air unit heaters fed on hot water is invariably the most cost-effective method of space heating a room or building. As with electric fan heaters, […]

Waste Oil Heater UK

Automatic Ignition Waste Oil Heater

Waste oil heaters are the best way to get free clean heat! Recycle your waste engine/hydraulic oil with a Kroll SZ Automatic Ignition Waste Oil Heater Because of the pre heating technology our SZ Automatic Ignition Waste Oil Heater have the ability to burn an extensive range of oils; – waste oil from engines, gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic […]

Manual Ignition Waste Oil Heater

Manual Ignition Waste Oil Heater

Flexiheat UK Ltd is the UK distributor for the Kroll range of heating products. One of the most popular and successful products, which has been manufactured to the same exacting specification for 50 years,  is the W401 manual ignition waste oil heater, capable of burning most oils including waste engine oil, hydraulic oils etc. Flexiheat can […]

German Electric Heaters

Industrial & Commercial Electric Fan Heaters

Ranging from 3kW single phase to 18kW 3-phase, Flexiheat has a complete range of Electric Fan Heaters to suit both the domestic and industrial environment. Electric fan heaters are a very good choice for quickly heating small to medium-sized rooms, such as workshops, garages, home offices, and warehouses. They can be used in greenhouses to […]

portable dehumidifier

Dual Voltage Dehumidifier for Industrial and Commercial use

  Flexiheat UK Ltd is the UK distributor for the Kroll range of Industrial dual voltage dehumidifiers We have two units within our standard range, these being the Kroll T20D, a 20 litre a day unit, and the Kroll T40D, a 40 litre a day unit. We have supplied many of these units over the years […]