LR5300 Industrial Air Cleaner

Pollutants must be eliminated – particularly where people work and live. Dust, fibres, mould spores or even asbestos fumes can be found in the air and represent a serious health risk. When it comes to professional air purification, the commercial LR5300 Industrial Air Cleaner from Kroll Energy is the perfect solution


Where construction work is performed, there is dust. In most cases actually a lot. Dust not only affects workers and their health at the site but also the general public. Dust containing quartz, mineral fibre, wood, cellulose and asbestos are particularly hazardous because they enter the airways and lead to sustainable health effects. Fine dust, in particular, can enter the respiratory tract and lungs, and as these are enclosed by connective tissue making it practically impossible for the particles to exit again. This is followed by chronic sicknesses for the persons affected, such as the much-feared silicosis. Respirable dust consists of particles that are smaller than five thousandths of a millimetre in size. In order to prevent its entry into the respiratory tract, only one preventative measure does the job: the fine dust has to be filtered from the air in advance. The LR5300 Industrial Air Cleaner from Kroll Energy is especially designed for the raw day-to-day work on busy construction sites.

Additionally, spores, allergens and micro fibres, which can result during building, insulation and mould restoration, should not be underestimated.

Another factor to consider are in places of work; facilities and operating material have to adjust the limit values within the next four years. What use is the most sophisticated process optimisation in production when the goods then get damaged in the warehouse? It is vital to ensure optimal conditions in warehouses and storage facilities and to regularly check these.

A sophisticated combination of our LR5300 Industrial Air Cleaner and Dehumidifiers is all you need to take care of and maintain these sensitive areas. You can find various powerful dehumidifiers among the Flexiheat range. With the LR5300 Industrial Air Cleaner you can protect against any pollutants. Your products can be permanently and safely protected when in storage. Improper storage can result in serious damage to goods. Moist air in warehouses damages packaging and in the worst case mould can even form.  Within just a short time pallets or even an entire inventory can be completely ruined.  In short, what this means is that your goods can no longer be sold. Dust, mould spores and bacteria in the air are also not uncommon in warehouses and this too must also be effectively combatted. Pollutants do not just damage your goods; they can also expose your employees to great risk. From a human point of view this is a disaster. And on top of that work colleagues can easily be affected by allergies, rendering them unable to work, which can of course become quite expensive for your company.

If you combine one of our dehumidifiers with our powerful LR5300 Industrial Air Cleaner you will effectively combat dust and pollutants. These mobile professional devices provide a unique air flow control. In no time at all, dust, mould spores and bacteria in the air are no longer an issue in your warehouse or storage facility.



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