Every now and then, you just need massive-scale dehumidification on a brief or permanent basis. Whether you are drying out flood damage, maintaining to a good building application or protecting your stock or machinery from the damp, our range of transportable commercial dehumidifier may be the solution.

A  Flexiheat  commercial dehumidifier is suitable for use in all types of applications and scenarios due to the versatility in the range.

Let’s take a flood damaged property as a prime example. After you have thrown out everything that cannot be saved, you need to decide whether or not you require a home or commercial dehumidifier. If your floor has been submerged for any length of time from  a flooded river or an exceptionally high water level then a commercial  dehumidifier like our T40D will be the solution.  A powerful dehumidifier – commercial  offers incredible extraction performance and can cope with lower temperature environments. A normal domestic dehumidifier just isn’t going to be powerful enough.

Commercial dehumidifiers are key tools for drying and restoring your environment after water damage.  Here is an interesting video from the BBC exploring the reasons for the increase in flooding within the UK.

Heavy duty and rugged, these dehumidifiers quickly and efficiently extract water, dry flooring and walls, and curb harmful mould growth

Whether it’s a whole building or trouble area, our commercial dehumidifier range have the capacity and sophistication to handle water damage restoration, mould remediation, efficiently maintain relative humidity levels or just good indoor air quality and are used in retail stores, offices, schools, museums, art galleries, medical clinics, restaurants and other indoor public areas

commercial dehumidifiers

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