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Vertical Air Curtain – Ambient or Gas Fired

Vertical Air Curtain -We do two versions of our vertical air curtains , either ambient air or gas fired . Our gas fired air curtain range , the FAC-V range  is composed of a gas heater, and air curtains  which works with natural gas (G20/G25) or propane gas (G31). The range includes 3 models 36kW, 55kW and 75 kW. We also supply an ambient range, which is not a heated unit .The FAC-V are used to protect doors from 2 to 4 meters high.

Below you can see one our vertical air curtains installed on site – This is a gas heated version


Vertical Air Curtain


Product advantages                                Customer benefits
Efficient air blast                                        Strong thermal barrier to avoid any cold air entrance or warm fair loss

Heated and/or ambient                            Flexibility according to each door and user needs
door curtain

Heating or Ventilation only                      Use in summer and winter time
Gas heater with air curtains                     Protect the door and heat the area



Vertical Air Curtain (Gas Fired Version )Benefits

• Multi jet burner with low NOx emission
• Efficiency up to 91%
• Full cover of the door.
• Central command by pilot wire
• Automatic safety device check

Our vertical air curtains help promote the perfect environment whether warm, or ambient – creating a comfortable climate for customers and employees. Vertical air curtains promote open door trading in retail outlets by providing uninterrupted access for passing trade, and promote significant energy savings. Our vertical air curtains are not only easy to install but also easy to maintain throughout their serviceable life. Comes complete with a switch box controller. The Flexiheat Vertical Range is ideal for medium to large sized buildings with a high pedestrian flow that require high output of air such as industrial doors at airports, shopping centres, factories and warehouses.. For extra wide doorways, placing a unit either side of the entrance creates a more efficient thermal barrier.


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Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Vertical Air Curtain range – either ambient air or gas fired , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.