Oil Condensing Boiler  – Permanently Condensing

Power Output  15 – 250 kW / up to 2000 kW in cascade

BK Permanently condensing boilersOil Condensing Boiler -Permanent condensation, completely independent from the return temperature

Extremely high efficiency – This high efficiency oil boiler , is extremely efficient as the flue gas temperatures are reduced to a minimum (approx.20–45°C), ensuring the boiler operates in a condensing mode at all times. This leads to extremely high efficiency – 99%/102% (according to guideline 92/42 EWG TÜV and DIN EN 304)

Permanent Condensing Operation – Even at high temperatures of  82/71°C or 80/60°C, the boiler is still permanently condensing.No matter what the temperature of heating system, these condensing oil fired boilers work all of the time.

Room Sealed – As the unit is room sealed, no additional combustion air is required.

This contributes to a positive energy balance of the building.

Flue System – Due to the low flue gas temperatures,plastic flue pipes can be utilised, saving on installation costs.

Fuel –  The Kroll range of  oil condensing boilers are available in oil , specifically kerosene of gas oil. The secondary heat exchanger and the neutralization appliance have been engineered to resist the high sulphur content associated with burning oil.

The boiler body is made of high-performance steel with cylindrical reversal combustion chamber and round flue gas passes. Due to the boiler’s construction, the flue gas is cooled down to about 60°C – 80°C already inside the boiler body where  it transfers the major part of its heat to the boiler water, before it enters the plastic heat exchanger. The boiler body stays dry due to the integrated return temperature lifting. This has got a positive effect on cleaning the boiler, as the residues can be removed very easily and quickly. The integrated heat exchanger, in which the condensation takes place, is made of a special type of plastic and thus resistant against acid sulphur (sulphur dioxide + water). Therefore, no sulphur-free heating oil is needed. Furthermore, the heat transfer is exclusively done in a counter flow with air/flue gas. So there is no pollution nor blocking nor rusting through of the heat exchanger due to the heating water. Due to the permanent condensation, the secondary heat exchanger practically cleans itself. Should the plastic heat exchanger become polluted due to wrong or bad burner settings, it can be cleaned very easily with water. The flue gas is washed out by the permanent condensation.

The environmentally harmful acid sulphur is neutralized in the neutralization box and is lead into the canalization, now pH-free. So, only “water vapour” is emitted into the atmosphere, with no sulphur dioxide. This is a very environmentally friendly.

Oil Condensing Boilers

Oil Condensing Boilers at our factory training room

BK boilers on display at the Kroll factory
Fully Condensing Boilers

BK boilers during production

The integrated modulating flue gas fan adapts the combustion chamber pressure to the weather conditions. This gives constant combustion conditions, independent from draught or pressure in the chimney.

These oil condensing boilers / commercial oil boilers , are perfect for retro fitting , in existing heating systems that were designed on an 82C Flow / 71C Return temperature , as most of the oil condensing boilers on the market would require the return temperature to be above 43C . This is not required with our oil condensing boiler , as we save the energy by preheating the incoming combustion air to the burner . which is independent of the return temp. Thus you would not need to change your existing pipework or heat emitters , such as radiators , fan coils, unit heaters etc , to compensate for the new flow and return temperatures, that would be required.

Since the 2015 ErP ( Energy Related Products Directive ) Heating Classifications that came into force on the 26th September 2015 , all boilers up to 400 kW have to meet new efficiency levels. which basically means all commercial oil boilers , up to 400 kW , are now condensing. This not only benefits the end-user , it means reduced emissions and significant savings in energy. We reports from some of our customers that they have seen oil consumption savings of up to 35% by upgrading to an Oil Condensing Boiler.

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Technical Information

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