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Oil Burning Heater – 36.6 kW to 1,058 kW Output

Oil Burning Heater – Here at Flexiheat UK , we supply an oil burning heater ,that can either be floor standing, suspended or even an external mounted unit , that allow you to save on valuable floor space.The technological evolution of this quality product has always prioritized  high performance, energy saving and ease of maintenance to offer maximum reliability and comfort for warm air heating any industrial environments. The warm air heaters of the FH series, which run on oil, are manufactured under strict observance of all European standards, being well built and made to last.Normally supplied with warm air distribution heads as shown in the picture opposite, we also have the option of providing the heater in a ducted version.

Oil Burning Heater -High Performance Ventilation

One or two double suction centrifugal fans, coupled with electric motors directly (models FH 20-50) or with pulleys and
v-belts (models  FH 75 – 1000) ensure high operating performance. The optional air intake filter is easily removable.

Thermal Insulation

The external cover consists of galvanized and pre-coated steel panels with thermo acoustic insulation and a control panel in
laminated steel sheet.Each element is individually fixed to the supporting framework and is easily removable to allow access to the inner workings of the heater

Combustion Chamber  and Heat Exchanger

The cylindrical combustion chamber is in aluminized steel and features heat exchange tubes interconnected with turbulators in
stainless steel. The heat exchange surface is very extensive and its resistance to high temperatures is exceptional.

An environmentally friendly and high efficiency Oil Burning Heater has always been our objective.

For this reason we combine our FH warm air heaters with burners of the highest technology and reliability, in order to obtain “clean” combustion, without any unburnt oil and with a reduced level of polluting elements.Minimal environmental impact, protection of the environment and at the same time much lower maintenance costs thanks to maximum protection of the heat exchange surfaces… the advantages of our oil burning heater range are never ending !

Versions with elevated temperatures and pressure

Dedicated principally to industrial applications such as processing plants, industrial furnaces and controlled-temperature environments with a high level of air filtering. This version can also be used for the heating of industrial environments. Automation and thermo regulation systems can be designed for every application.Below is a our oil burning heater, configured for a duct warm air heating system, which has an up-rated fan pressure.

Oil burning heater

Heater in an Upright Configuration for Ducting Warm Air Heating System

Oil burning Heater

Heater in a Horizontal Configuration

Above is shown one of our oil burning heaters in a horizontal configuration , for installation in a ducted warm air heating system

Technical Data on the Oil Burning Heater Range

Model Thermal Power output kW Airflow  3 m/h Air Pressure Pa
   FH40 36.6 – 42.3 3,500 100
   FH50 45.8 – 55.0 4,300 100
   FH75 64.4 – 83.0 5,800 160
   FH100 90.9 – 105.1 7,800 180
   FH125 113.7 – 131.4 9,400 220
   FH150 137.3 – 168.0 11,100 200
   FH175 161.9 – 187.2 13,100 200
   FH200 183.0 – 211.6 15,000 200
   FH250 228.8 – 264.5 18,500 200
   FH250 · 228.8 – 264.5 19,400 200
   FH300 274.5 – 317.4 20,250 180
   FH300 · 274.5 – 317.4 22,500 200
   FH350 320.0 – 370.7 25,800 280
   FH400 366.0 – 423.2 31,000 240
   FH500 457.6 – 529.0 35,000 200
   FH500 · 457.6 – 529,.0 43,500 200
   FH600 549.2 – 634.9 43,500 200
   FH750 686.6 – 794.0 53,000 180
   FH1000 915.1 – 1058.0 72,000 200


This range of  heater cabinets  can also be used in conjunction with our range of waste/multi oil burners.                                 Please click here for more information

We also do a range of mobile oil heaters, which can be either direct oil fired , or indirect oil fired depending on your requirements, and a suspended oil unit heater ( if floor space is at a premium )

Please see our web pages on these individual ranges, should they suit your requirements better.

So if your looking for the best Oil Burning Heater on the UK Market, Please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form