LR 5300 Industrial Air Cleaner

Air flow rate – 3,000 m3/hr

Kroll Industrial Air Cleaner – Available with either Dust Class “M” or Dust Class “H” Filters in accordance   with IEC/EN60335-2-69, appendix AA

Indoor air Quality is not just affected by external pollutants. Often the air quality can be affected by a process that is happening internally. To deal with these indoor air quality issues,Kroll Energy have developed the LR5300 Industrial air cleaner. Using  filtration this air cleaner cleans the air to clean room standards therefore protecting your people, product and processes. Used in Warehouses, Manufacturing plants, Food and Beverage production facilities and other industrial facilities.

Why the LR5300 ?

During building or renovation or at industrial factories, harmful particles are often discharged in an uncontrolled manner. In order to avoid that the escaping harmful substances may endanger man and the environment,  our high-performance air cleaner LR5300 comes to your rescue. The unit catches the escaping harmful substances reliably and absorbs them completely.

Efficient, powerful, compact

Due to a defined and constant contact pressure of our filter, any air ingress is prevented. The unique geometry of our filter makes its handling and disposal very simple. Due to our accessories, there are numerous possibilities of extending the unit. Our patented dust protection door is the only divisible dust protection door on the market. By a specially developed connector system, it can be disassembled into two parts for easy  transportation.

LR5300 Video , showing the unit and the accessories in use-  English version to follow

Dust Classes

Class “M” Filters restrains 99,9 % of: Dust with aWG values  ≥ 0,1mg/m3 Medium-endangering dust, e.g. wood dust  (beech, oak) Mineral dust of class M

Class “H” Filters restrains 99,995 % of: Dust with aWG values  > 0,1mg/m3 Cancer-causing dust, dust with pathogens

Room Sizing – One Kroll Industrial Air Cleaner Unit will do

A room size with a maximum ceiling height of 2,5 m  – Floor area 40m²

A room size with a maximum ceiling height of 3 m  – Floor area 34m²

Advantages of the LR 5300
• Easily transportable: Support and handle in one piece
• Flexible handling: Handle adjustable in height
• Intuitive operation; Just 1 control element
• Easy use: Quick and easy change of the filter
• High user-friendliness: Conversion without tools
• Practical accessories: Various applications
• Hours counter
• Signaller for filter change

View LR5300 Dust Class Summary pdf

Technical Information

Model LR5300  
Part number 064460
Airflow rate maximum  m³/h 3,000
Electrical connection V/Hz 230/50
Electrical power kW 0.48
Current consumption A 2.1
Protection of connector A 6.3
Noise level maximum dB(A) 70
Cable length m 3
Height (with retracted handle)/width/depth mm 870/563/592
Weight kg 55
Room size maximum at 2.5 m ceiling height 45
Room size maximum at 3.0 m ceiling height 38