Industrial Electric Heaters – E Range

Output Range – 3kW to 18kW

E Range Industrial Electric Heaters
Industrial Electric Heaters – Perfect for small and medium sized areas

Industrial Electric Heaters  -Ranging from 3kW single phase to 18kW 3-phase, Flexiheat has a complete range of electric fan heaters to suit both the domestic and industrial environment.

The Kroll industrial electric heater “E3 model” is 240 volt, single phase electric heater and with its lightweight design is an ideal solution to heating smaller rooms ,offices, site huts etc.

The E8, E12 and E18 industrial electric heater models extend to a 3 phase heater (415 Volt) and are ideal  for the larger industrial and construction environments such as; workshops, nurseries, shops, exhibition rooms, warehouse heating, building sites, heat load testing, frost protection, production and manufacturing facilities.The E8 – E18 Industrial fan heater range come with adjustable thermostatic control,and high and low heat settings and all units come with thermal cut-out overheat protection. Insulated handles allow for safe movement and handling whilst the heater is still warm.

These Portable Electric Heaters provide comfortable heat in spring and in autumn or if there is a sudden onset of cold weather. They can be used as frost control heater to, thanks to their in-built thermostats.

Electric Space Heaters – Health & Saftey

As no vapours,exhaust gasses or odours are given off , as well as no naked flame , these industrial electric heaters can be used in many applications that direct fired diesel or gas heaters cant.

Industrial Electric Space Heaters

Our 18kw electric industrial heater offers the ability to heat up separate area’s from one heater or / and deliver warm air via ducting through a warm air hose. Please see our seperate product page on this model.

How to calculate what your heat requirement is for a given area ?

To establish what industrial electric heaters or heater you need, just do the following –

First calculate the volume of your building / area in metres cubed (m3)

Then multiply this by 33 Watts (W) per metres cubed , then dived by 1000 , and this will get you the result in Kilo Watts – (kW)

An example would be – 200 (m3) x 33 (W) divided by 1000 ( to get into kilo Watts ) = 6.6 kW Total Heat Requirement

This is a general “Rule of Thumb” calculation, and is based on a high insulation value ( U Value )

If you require any help in industrial electric heater sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be pleased to help.

Industrial Electric Heaters -Running Costs

Using a portable electric portable heater remains one of the most cost effective solution for providing emergency or supplementary heat for a particular space in your home ,office,site cabin or warehouse.

To work out an accurate running cost for an electric heater you can use the below calculation:

Calculating an accurate running cost can vary from room to room because of many factors for example,  number of doors and  windows, building condition, insulation levels  etc. However the following calculation can be used to provide a general idea:

Energy input (kW) x pence per kWh= running cost.

For example a 3kW fan heater run continuously (without stopping) for 1 hour would be:

3kW x 14p/kWh = 42p per hour

The calculation above is based on 0.14p per kWh – please check with your current electricity bill for the exact hourly rate you are currently paying.

This range of industrial electric heaters, are well made,durable and robust, everything you would expect from a German manufactured product –

  • economical:
    The heat is dispensed efficiently and in a concentrated way to the ambient air by a powerful fan.
  • convenient:
    The heaters does not use up any oxygen. They do not give off any unpleasant odours so they can be operated in rooms which have bad or even no means of ventilation.  Temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by a inbuilt thermostat. The unit can also be used to ventilate rooms as well.  They can be used  instantly where power is available
  • robust and safe:
    All appliances are VDE checked and thermally protected. The heating elements have a stainless jacket and the casing is manufactured from galvanised steel sheet, which is then stove-enamelled , resulting in a durable and robust unit
  • mobile:
    Thanks to their small dimensions, the electric fan heaters can be taken everywhere. You will find a place for them even in very confined space. Model E18 now also available as version “SH”, “S” for hose connection and version “H” for operation at high room temperatures for special duties such as thermal pest control.

These Industrial Electric Heaters are now available to purchase from our webshop

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  • Temperature rise up to 60 Kelvin
  • Built-in room thermostat
  • Enamelled casing made of galvanized sheet metal
  • Compact and robust
  • Two-stage heating performance (E8 – E18)
  • External room thermostat connection (E18SH)
  • Warm air hose connection (E18SH)
  • Ducted high temperature suitable for pest control (E18SH)

Technical Data

E Range Industrial Electric Heaters Technical Data

Download E Range Electric Heaters Manual

Download E3 Electric Heater Manual