Heating and Cooling System

The HK Heating & Cooling SystemThe HK series

The HK range are a newly developed products proving both a  heating and cooling solution.

The heating is done by means of highly efficient gas condensing technology or in heat pump mode. The cooling mode is a modular heat recovery expandable. By default, an air filter and a renewal of air taken into consideration. The areas of application are varied and the installation effort low. So it is easily possible to HK integrate into existing air duct systems. Through customer-specific adaptations, for example, also the use of larger fans no problem

Advantages of the HK series

The HK units are extremely efficient, environmental friendly and reliable:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy use
  • Heat pump operation is possible
  • Maximal thermal efficiency of up to 106%
  • Heat recovery thanks to air circulation and optional heat exchanger

Refrigerant R410A is used

Technical Information

The HK Heating Cooling System Technical Information