Commercial Gas Boilers- Condensing – 60kW to 2,240kW

Commercial Gas Boilers – These are availabe in both Natural Gas and LPG, and with an output range for this MYdens T  from 60 kW to 280 kW is the new range of modulating commercial gas condensing boilers, completely patented and assembled by Cosmogas in Italy. These gas condensing boilers tcan be installed directly on the floor thanks to their power, reduced size and low weight, freeing up valuable space inside the boiler house .These boilers are modular boilers, which you can think of as multiple boilers within “One Boiler” as such, this give this range of Commercial gas boilers , a few distinct advanatges when compared to others, in that – If one heating modules “goes down” / malfunctions, you still having the remaining modules to provide you with heat, thus increasing reliability , which can be vital in applications like nursing homes, hospitals etc. Furthermore,these multiple heat exchangers  have power control boards that communicate between them and handle the power output of every module in a uniform and coordinated way in order to guarantee the maximum efficiency, matched to the heating load.The performance and dimension of MYdens T Commercial Boilers and a wide range of power outputs make it one of the best gas condensing boilers to use in any wet heating system installation, be it radiators, radiant panels, fan-coils,underfloor heating etc and to install in any boiler house, in either new or when replacing existing boilers in any buildings, houses, hotels, schools, factories, etc.Commercial Gas Boilers,Commercial LPG Boilers

Commercial Gas Boilers – Mydens T – Benifits

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN, COMPACT, POWERFUL, & LIGHTWEIGHT – The MYdens T are designed to be “space-saving”; thanks to their vertical structure they allow to save space in both new and to renovate thermal power plants. They supply an output up to 280 kW and thanks to their lightness they are easy to carry and to place inside inside the boiler house.
  • MONOBLOCK  MODULARITY – Each boiler is composed of 1 to 4 R.V.C. 70 kW heat exchangers: a “monoblock” system that optimizes the supplied output according to real thermal needs ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • WIDE TURNDOWN RATIO 1:20 -The perfect synchrony of heat exchangers cascade sequence control and “rotation”, combined with COSMOMIX air/gas mix system, allow a wide turndown ratio of 1:20 for MYdens 280 T and up to 1:160 in case of 8 MYdens 280 T cascade sequence to reach an output up to 2240 kW.

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  • AISI 316 Ti (Titanium) STAINLESS STEEL HEAT EXCHANGER -Each R.V.C. heat exchanger is made without weld joints and it is able to bear a working pressure up to 11 bar.
  • ECOLOGIC PREMIX BURNER -The whole range of boilers is equipped with ecologic premix burners made of Fecralloy metal fibre.
  • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY EVEN WITH SMALL FLOWS – Two-way motorized valves are available among accessories. They allow high seasonal efficiency in systems characterized by
    frequent and high output variations.

Why choose the MYdens T Commercial Gas Boilers  –

High Efficiency and Savings
Condensing Boiler Technology
Total flame modulation (heating and sanitary)
Certified efficiency up to 107%
Suitable water flow to heat exchangers with
2-way motorized valves (60 T and 70 T excluded)
Cascade sequence control and heat exchangers in rotation

Outdoor sensor and climate control
Easy installation and maintenance
Reduced size and weight

Construction Quality
Modern, innovative and attractive design
AISI 316 Ti stainless steel R.V.C. heat exchanger
Turndown ratio up to 1:20

Ecology / Ecological

Fecralloy fibre premix burner
Reduced gas emissions in the atmosphere
CO<15 ppm and NOx<15 ppm

Gas Boilers – Commercial / Industrial – The Range

The 60kw to 140kW Output Commercial Gas Boilers, all have the same casing dimension of 600mm Wide x 700mm Deep x 1,160mm High , the technical details of these Commercial Gas Boilers are as listed below

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The Mydens 60kW to 140kW Output Range

The Mydens 60kW to 140kW Output Range

The 180kw to 280kW Output Commercial Gas Boilers, all have the same casing dimension of 600mm Wide x 896mm Deep x 1,815mm High , the technical details of these Commercial Gas Boilers are as listed below

Commercial and Industrial Gas Boilers, Larger Gas Condensing Boilers

Commercial Gas Boiler Range 180kw to 280kW

Commercial Gas Boiler Range 180kw to 280kW Range

For the complete technical data on our Condensing Gas Boilers, be it Natural Gas or LPG , Please click on the below link to download the brochure

Download the Commercial Gas Boiler – Condensing Boiler Brochure

Commercial Gas Boilers ( Natural Gas or LPG) in Cascade 

These Commercial Gas Boilers can be used in a cascade configuration of up to 8 Boilers , with the potential of 2,240kW of  Heat Output , making them the ideal commercial boilers for Schools , Hospitals , Hotels, or any Commercial or Industrial site that requires heating via a hot water system.With a turndown ratio of up to 1:160 , these commercial boilers are the best option when you want to match your heating load, at the very best efficiency levels , giving you the lowest gas costs / gas usage.commercial gas boiler in cacade, commercial gas boilers uk

As standard, all of our Commercial Gas Boilers come with the following features – 

Condensate Acidity Neutralizer
Condensing water produced during the combustion process reacts to the combustion products turning into acidic water. To eliminate the acidity, each MYdens T boiler commercial boiler is fitted as standard with a condensate acidity neutralizer,properly sized to restore the pH to normal values –

Condensate Blocked Drain Switch
A special inner condensate cup, collects condensate and makes it flow freely to the drain; the condensate cup has a blocked drain switch that cuts off the boiler if the level of condensate exceeds the permitted limit.

Commercial Gas Boiler Condensate Neutalizer.jpg

Standard Water Flow Meter
Each heat exchanger inside these Gas Commercial Boilers is equipped with a standard flow meter to guarantee a more accurate management of the heating system flows , making
the heating system operate in a higher efficiency.

Standard Air Filter
These Commercial Bolilers are equipped with a standard air filter to protect the burner, combustion chamber and the heat exchanger from dust and impurities, ensuring a better efficiency of the combustion process.

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Integrated Flue Back Preventer / Check Valve
Each burner, inside these gas commerical boilers, are as standard equipped with a flue back preventer / check valve, on the combustion circuit, to prevent the possible flue gas recirculation among different heat exchangers. Each flue back preventer / check valve is equipped with a safety sensor.If only one valve remains open MYdens T would signal the alarm by displaying the fault.

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Commercial Gas Boiler Control Panel – Simple and Intuitive

The Boiler control panel comes with a digital backlighting display for an easy and intuitive visualization of parameters,boiler phases, error messages, with electronic temperature control.The display back-lighting turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity to save energy.Eeach of  our gas condensing boilers from the Mydens T ranges comes complete as standard with the following Temperature Sensors – Domestic Hot Water storage tank temperature sensor and an outdoor sensor

The control panel of the boiler allows the management of:
The Primary circuit pump ,Heating circuit pump and Sanitary circuit ( Domestic Hot Water) pump

The control panel also manages:

  • Output with the correct automatic modulation of the boiler
  • Pump unlock system
  • Antifreeze device
  • Outdoor sensor connection
  • Auto diagnostic of all components and function: visualization of errors and lockouts, temperature sensors, ionisation current, fan rotation speed, water flow rate, and water pressure
  • Low water flow protection
  • Low water pressure protection
  • Flue blocked pressure switch
  • Condensate blocked drain switch

Commercial Gas Boilers – Remote Management and Modbus Protocol Control Options

These Condensing Gas Boilers can be equipped with an 885IF (optional) interface that allows the control of boilers through 0-10V analogue signal or MODBUS digital signal.

or as a dedicated interface, that can be integrated to all devices with LonWorks or BACnet protocol

These control options are often required for commercial gas boilers making them particularly suitable for commercial, industrial and communal or centralized plant heating systems. The installer or maintainer can then configure, monitor and remotely control the entire operation of the gas boiler, helping to reduce energy consumption and at the same time lowering the cost and frequency of maintenance required.

Should you require anymore assistance or information on our Commercial Gas Boilers / Commercial LPG Boilers / Commercial Modular Boiler , please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on 01202 822221 or click here for our email contact form.